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Learn to Ride a Horse at the Instagramable Ganesha H Equestrian

If you want to learn to ride horses, you might want to come to Ganesha H Equestrian in West Bandung.

The instagenic horse. via Instagram/

Horse riding is an activity that has become somewhat scarce in this modern era. The era when horses were the main mode of transportation has been far gone. Horses have now been replaced by more efficient engine power.

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Seeing a unicorn. via Instagram/ganesha.h.equestrian

However, riding on horseback has its own charm. For some people, riding a horse is an art that cannot be done carelessly. That is why there are still many horse-riding sports that we can enjoy today. If you want to learn to ride horses, you might want to come to Ganesha H Equestrian in West Bandung.

Learn to ride a horse

Learn to ride the maginificent horse. via Instagram/ganesha.h.equestrian

Ganesha H Equestrian is a unique tourist destination that uses horses as the main attraction. Visitors can try to learn to ride a horse even though they have never done it before, or had very little experience of doing it. To put it simply, this place provides riding courses, both for amateurs and professionals.

Inexperienced rider will be accompanied by guides. via Instagram/ganesha.h.equestrian

For those of you who just want to satisfy your curiosity, you can choose a package to take a short route of 438 meters on a horseback. If you want to enjoy longer trips, you can choose the intermediate routes and long-distance routes of more than 1 km.

Interesting routes

Picturesque routes. via Instagram/ganesha.h.equestrian

You will ride the horse through very interesting routes. For the intermediate route, you will be taken to get around a small lake with nice views of the surrounding green hills. For the long route, you will ride through the hills and around the lake. You don’t need to worry about safety because all riders will be accompanied by an experienced guide who already knows the route and horses there.

Favorite photo place

Learn to ride and archery. via Instagram/ganesha.h.equestrian

Like most other tourist attractions in Bandung, this place also offers extraordinary photo spots. The natural scenery here is already amazing, but the management of Ganesha H Equestrian will help you create an even more wonderful photo session to achieve the best results.

Photos with a nice conccept. via Instagram/ganesha.h.equestrian

There are many brides-to-be who do their prewedding photos in this place. The management will go to a length to help you and provide interesting properties for beautiful photos, including photogenic horses. You will be taken to the best photo spots, with unique photo properties, and wonderful tame horses. The results usually are very stunning.

Can practice regularly

Professional rider can train at this place. via Instagram/ganesha.h.equestrian

If you want to practice regularly at Ganesha H Equestrian, you must take membership here. Official members get privileges and prioritized to enjoy the facilities available at this place. Members also get many other perks, including comparatively cheaper rates compared to non-members.

Posing with a pegasus. via Instagram/ganesha.h.equestrian

Equestrian tourism is something unique and quite rare because it requires special skills. If you are in Bandung and feeling like riding horseback, you must come to Ganesha H Equestrian. Next

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