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Explore Underwater in the Instagramable Umbul Ponggok

Umbul Ponggok is a great place to refresh, physically and mentally. Apart from having fun, you can also have your great photo taken.

Instagramable Umbul Ponggok

In the last few years, the tourism business has been accelerating in a blinding speed in Indonesia. Each region tries to sell its best feature to the tourists because in some cases, tourism does wonders to alleviate poverty. That is pretty much the story of Umbul Ponggok.

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The wonderful pond. via Instagram/umbul_ponggok

This village had a seemingly useless feature until some brilliant mind recognized its potential and made it real. Today, Umbul Poggok is known to be the most instagramable man-made destination in Central Java. Here is the remarkable story of Umbul Ponggok who escape from poverty via tourism.


Underwater jetski. via Instagram/umbul_ponggokwalker

Ponggok Village was an industrial area during the ‘20s with several Dutch sugar factories there. When they closed all of the factories, it became a farming village. There was a natural pond that functioned as a water reservoir for the factory as well as irrigation for the nearby fields. Due to the high-quality water of this pond, the village leaders had an idea to turn it into a wonderful destination that will attract lots of tourists.

Underwater photo

Riding a bike underwater. via Instagram/umbul_ponggok

The first thing that you will notice is that the pond is really clear. The management then makes it an underwater photo spot. Apart from the many colorful fishes, they also put ordinary daily items there. The most popular one is the motorcycle. However, you can also find a working desk, complete with a laptop. You only need to pose here because of the underwater camera and the professional photographer is there already.

Snorkeling and diving

Walking in the water. via Instagram/umbul_ponggokwalker

Since the underwater scenery is really wonderful, you might as well enjoy it. You can rent snorkeling and diving equipment. No need to worry because you will be guided and monitored by experienced guides. You can also walk in the water, among the fish. You will have to wear a special helmet that will provide you with air to breath.

Rate and Location

Wonderful scene. via Instagram/umbul_ponggok

Umbul Ponggok, literally means the Ponggok Spring, is located at Jl. Delanggu- Polanharjo, Jeblogan, Ponggok. Polanharjo, Klaten. The location is somewhat between Yogyakarta and Solo, so access wouldn’t be a problem at all. The entrance fee is only IDR15K per person. Furthermore, The rate of underwater photography is 60K per 30 minutes. Additionally, walking underwater experience will cost you 150K per person, complete with video documentation.

Family photo. via Instagram/umbul_ponggokwalker

Umbul Ponggok is a great place to refresh, physically and mentally. Apart from having fun with the invigorating pond, you can also have your great photo taken. That is why this place is very popular, even among Indonesia’s national celebrities. Next

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