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Bangko-Bangko Beach, a Desert Point and Surfing Heaven in Lombok

Here is a brief guide to explore the Bangko-bangko beach, a haven for surfing in southwestern Lombok.

Enjoying the waves at Bangko-Bangko beach. via Instagram/

The beach on the White Rock of Bangko-bangko Beach is located in Sekotong District, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This beach faces directly to the Indian Ocean and from its coastline, you can slightly see the Nusa Penida Island of Bali.

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Flying above the waves. via Instagram/indosurfcrew

Among surfers, Bangko-bangko beach is better known as Desert Point. In short, it has very challenging waves. This beach is even included in the top 10 best beaches for surfing. However, bangko-bangko is much more than just great waves for surfers. Here is a brief guide to explore the Bangko-bangko beach.


A wave barrel in desert Point, Lombok. via Instagram/wyndhamsundancerlombok

Bangko-bangko Beach is located in Sekotong District, in the southwestern part of Lombok Island. This beach is about 70 km from the city of Mataram, roughly two hours’ drive with a car. Because of the proximity, many tourists, especially surfers, visit Bangko-bangko from Bali. In fact, direct sea travel from Bali to Bangko-bangko is more popular than having to stop through Mataram.

Surfing Paradise

Surfing in challenging wave. via Instagram/potatoimages

The majority of tourists who come to this beach are surfers. According to a prominent surfing magazine, Bangko-bangko Beach has one of the best waves on the planet. Wavelengths here can reach up to 300 meters with a height of three meters.

The rolls formed by the waves is large enough to allow surfers to do a lot of maneuvering in it. It is no surprise that many amazing photos are taken from surfing activities here.

Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is also popular. via Instagram/rubyjanegoodyear

Sports fishing is also one of the popular choice of tourism in the region. There are several agencies that offer fishing experience in the sea around Bangko-bangko. There are at least five hot fishing spots in this area, often visited by professional and amateur anglers alike.

Since the area near Bali and Lombok is one of the migration routes for several species of fish, you will have the opportunity to reel tuna, giant trevally, Dorado, and many other large fish species here.


Exploring the area on a dirtbike. via Instagram/lolak_imade

In addition to challenging waves, Bangko-bangko also offers great exploration to a pristine area of ​​more than 2000 hectares. You can explore both the mangrove forest and rainforest area.

Bangk0-Bangko Hill. via Instagram/deradjad

There are several local endemic plant species such as biduri and sea pandanus. You can also find eagles, kingfisher, sea eagle, and even partridge. On some parts of the area, there are beaches with calm waters, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Playing with the waves. via Instagram/lombokteknologicom

The entire Bangko-bangko beach area is included in a natural tourist park consisting of forests and beaches. There is a traditional village near this place, but accommodation around the coast is still very limited. Considering the enormous tourism potential here, there are only a few accommodations here. Even so, Bangko-bangko beach is still a destination that you should not miss when visiting Lombok. Next

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