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The Exotic and Delicious Berau Traditional Foods

Berau is not only Derawan. There are many delicious Berau traditional foods you need to try when you get the chance visiting this regency.

Berau is the northernmost part of East Kalimantan Province. It shares the borders with Bulungan Regency of North Kalimantan. Berau is mostly popular for its Derawan Islands, a remarkable tourist destination. However, this regency is also rich in culinary delights because there many Berau traditional foods.

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Tehe-tehe. via Instagram/bellygong

There are many delicious traditional foods you can enjoy here. Since Berau has a coastal as well as rainforest area, the dishes are also varied. You can find seafood and land-based dishes at this regency. Here are some of the most delicious Berau traditional foods.

Tumpi Udang

The tasty tumpi udang. via Instagram/zalimahismail

This is actually a ceremonial food. Tumpi Udang originally was the dish you can only enjoy during a wedding. This dish is made from prawn meat minced together with grated coconut. There are also herbs and spices used such as shallot, garlic, and turmeric. It tastes savory with a rather crunchy texture.

Pia Berau

Pia Berau. via Instagram/mutiara_delapandelapan

This pastry is almost similar to bakpia from Yogyakarta. The notable difference is that pia Berau is using only organic ingredients. Even though this is a traditional cake, you can also trace Chinese influence in it. You can have it in different flavors like taro, pineapple, cheese, green bean, or chocolate.

Udang Singgang

Udang singgang with rice. via Instagram/nabilakadir

This is probably the most ‘basic’ dish you can enjoy in Berau. Udang singgang is basically local shrimp. It doesn’t use seasoning at all, the only salt sprinkled on top of it. This shrimp is naturally delicious, so it doesn’t need other flavors from seasonings. It is savory, soft, and of course delicious.

Talinga Sagayi

The ear cake. via Instagram/dinahanthing

In the local language, talinga sagayi means ear. This pastry indeed looks like an ear or a number eight. The main ingredients are rice flour and palm sugar. The batter is fried, creating a sweet and savory cake. Usually, the texture is a bit crunchy.


The delicious tehe-tehe. via Instagram/sperdana

For the more extreme snack, you can try tehe-tehe. Basically, it is rice in the sea urchin shell. Rice is mixed with grated coconut and pandanus leaves and then inserted into the sea urchin shells. It is then steamed until the rice is fully cooked. It is really delicious, and good looking too.


Cute cake. via Instagram/juliawahdaniah

Rangai is a traditional cake with gelatinous rice as the main ingredient. The batter is made from rice flour, grated coconut, and palm sugar. Additionally, for the maximum deliciousness, they only use traditional stove to bake this cake. Finally, the end result is a sweet cake with a strong savory flavor from coconut.

Tumpi Udang. via instagram/affinna_restaurant

Berau is not only Derawan. You can enjoy visiting this regency not only for its natural beauty but also for its rich culinary wealth. There are many delicious Berau traditional foods you need to try when you get the chance. Next

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