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Exploring Ternate, a Small Island with Massive Tourism Potentials

Here are some of the best spots you need to visit at Ternate.

Ternate is a small island in the North Maluku Province. This small island plays an important part in the history of the area, mostly because of the Sultanate of Ternate. It was an important hub in the spice trading, making Ternate Island a rich area during the Dutch colonial era.

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Ternate Island. via Instagram/nstfahlev

Today, Ternate has developed into a lovely city. Located on Ternate Island, under Mount Gamalama, Ternate has a wonderful view all around. This city also has many beautiful spots. Here are some of the best spots you need to visit at Ternate.

Sulamadaha Beach

Swimming in the clear waters of Sulamadaha Beach. via Instagram/elislami

Sulamadaha Beach is located on the northern tip of the island/city. This beach is popular for its extremely clear water and its white sand stretch. The clear water creates an illusion as if the boats that floats there are suspended midair.

Anyway, this beach is a great place to snorkel. The visibility is definitely incredible and the reef are still in a pristine condition.

Tolire Lake

Tolire Besar Lake. via Instagram/mexesscreamo

This lake is located at the northern part of the island, roughly 10 kilometers for the city center. There are actually two lakes here; Tolire Besar (Big Tolire) is a big lake located a bit deeper into the land. Tolire Kecil (Small Tolire) is a small lake located by the beach. Tolire Besar is an incredible lake with green water and surrounded by drastic cliffs.

Maitara & Tidore Panorama

Maitara and Tidore Island. via Instagram/joedamping

Maitara and Tidore Islands are located to the south of Ternate. These island becomes very popular in Indonesia because their picture was put into the face of Indonesian banknotes. The view of Maitara and Tidore from Ternate is really majestic. It is as if there are two big soft cones protruding from the sea side by side, creating a unique panorama.

The Forts

Fort Oranje. via Instagram/rachmat.avian

There are a lot of forts that you can find in Ternate. This island used to be an important part of spice trading, so many European powers tried to strengthen their grip here. Some forts are still in good condition, some other has been deteriorating due to abandonment. The forts you can find in this island are Tolluko, Kalamata, Kastela, and Oranje.

Ternate Palace

Kedaton Ternate. via instagram/elmohakim

One of the remnants of Ternate Sultanate is its palace, known as Kedaton Ternate. This palace is dominated by pale yellow walls. This palace keeps many sultanate’s important relics such as 500 years old crown. You can also see much ancient weaponry in this palace. Kedaton Ternate was built in the early 19th century.

The Island. via instagram/anak_esa

Ternate is a historically massive place, where a sultanate used to rule the area. Today, Ternate is a beautiful city with huge tourism potentials, waiting to be realized. Next

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