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All You Can Eat Iftar Packages under 150K in Bandung

You will easily find delicious food in Bandung. However, if you need to find the best iftar packages, you must choose wisely.

smacks at De Braga. via Instagram/debragabyartotel

Bandung is popular for its tourism, culinary, and fashion industry. Also, this city never stops innovate to create new products. During Ramadan, there are many iftar packages offers you can find in this city. Actually, some hotels provide many interesting iftar packages. Here are some of them.

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Harris Hotel & Conventions Ciumbuleuit

Iftar at Harris. via Instagram/harris_ciumbuleuit

This package springs several surprises in term of discount and prizes. You can enjoy a limited discount using a certain credit card, and you also get a chance to win a staying voucher every week. The iftar package is called Makdiharja (Makan di Harris Aja – just eat at Harris) and it cost IDR125K per person. Harris Hotel & Conventions Ciumbuleuit is located at Jl. Ciumbuleuit No.50 – 58, Hegarmanah, Cidadap, Bandung City.

De Braga by Artotel

Batalin di Artotel. via Instagram/debragabyartotel

This hotel took a more trendy way to promote its package by taking theme #BatalinDiArtotel. Meanwhile, breakfasting here will cost you IDR135K per person. During the iftar, you can enjoy a delightful buffet in this package. De Braga by Artotel is at Jl. Braga No.10, Braga, Sumur Bandung, Bandung City.

Clove Garden Hotel Bandung

Plataran Ramadan. via Instagram/clovegardenhotelbandung

Taking the theme of Plataran Ramadan, this hotel offers an interesting breakfasting package. Priced at IDR135K per pax, while you can also have a 10% discount if you come with a group of 10 people. This hotel also has many instagramable spots, guaranteed to flood your Instagram feed with wonderful pics. Finally, Clove Garden Hotel Bandung is located Jl. Awiligar Raya II, Cibeunying, Cimenyan, Bandung City.

De Java Hotel

Iftar at De Java. via Instagram/de_java_hotel

This package offers a different atmosphere than others. Here, apart from enjoying delicious foods and drinks, you can also enjoy live acoustic music performance. This package will cost you IDR129K per person. De Java Hotel is located at Jl. Sukajadi No.148 Bandung.

Aston Pasteur

Nice dishes at Aston. via instagram/astonpasteur

With a simple theme ‘A Ramadan to Remember’, Aston Pasteur tries to capture the attention of Bandung people. It is not easy to create a memorable Ramadan. However, you might do just that by breakfasting in this hotel. With IDR128K per pax, you can enjoy a lot of iftar dishes from Indonesian, Asian, and Western cuisines. Lastly, Aston Pasteur is located at Jl. Dr. Djunjunan No.162, Sukagalih, Sukajadi, Bandung City.

Ibis Styles Bandung Braga

Enjoying dates at Ibis Styles. via Instagram/ibisstylesbandungbraga

You can enjoy 66 dishes from Indonesian and Middle Eastern cuisines here. The price for the package here is IDR128K per person. With the theme of ‘Ramadan Rame’, you can also win some interesting door prize in this program. At the same time, you could win return flight ticket and three hotel vouchers if you’re lucky. Lastly, Ibis Styles Bandung Braga’s address is at Jl. Braga No. 8, Bandung.

Traditional dish at Golden Clove. via Instagram/clovegardenhotelbandung

You will definitely not encounter any difficulties to find delicious food in Bandung. However, if you need to find the best iftar packages provided by a hotel, you must choose wisely. Next

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