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Exploring Most Popular Lakes in South Sulawesi

Many lakes in South Sulawesi are so large and unique. Even though some lakes are rather hard to reach, but their beauties will make your trip worthwhile.

South Sulawesi is a really blessed place. It has everything to be desired from a tourism point of view. You can have a tropical white beach, exotic rock formations, unique cultures, and definitely some wonderful lakes. There are lots of lakes in South Sulawesi, the most popular are the big ones.

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A sunset at Towuti. via Instagram/yudikbrewok

Basically, the western part of the province has two connecting lakes. Meanwhile, the eastern part has wonderful three lakes that are located near to each other. Each lake has its own charm. Here are the lakes in South Sulawesi that you need to visit.

Tempe Lake

Sunset view at Tempe Lake. via Instagram/rina_febrianii

Despite its name, this lake has nothing to do with tempe the food. Lake Tempe is located in Wajo Regency, South Sulawesi. Every August, there is a routine ceremony that is held here, namely Maccera Tappateng. The lake is also the venue for various competitions held by the community in welcoming the anniversary of Indonesian independence.

Sidenreng Lake

Enjoying a day at Sidenreng. via Instagram/ihsansip

This lake is actually connected to Tempe Lake via a small channel. Sidenreng Lake has some water facilities. The location is also rather picturesque because this place is surrounded by mountains. This place is the favorite destination for the youngsters in the area. You can also rent a boat to explore the lake. However, you need to negotiate the prices.

Towuti Lake

The tranquil Towuti Lake. via Instagram/iamirfanation

The whole area of Towuti is set as the Global Ecoregion. The characteristics of this lake are that the water is clean and rich with oxygen. On a 561 square kilometer, this lake is the second biggest lake in Indonesia after Toba. Towuti even has three islands in it; Kembar, Bolong, and Loeha. The sunset view of this lake is also really wonderful.


Fishing at Mahalona. via Instagram/raf9lives

You can say that Mahalona is a smaller Towuti. It has several endemic species, mainly fish. Mahalona is surrounded by green hills, making it even more picturesque. However, you need to rent a vehicle to get here. Mahalona is also located between Matano and Towuti Lake.


The pristine Matano Lake. via Instagram/ptvaleindonesia

A tectonic lake, Matano is 168 square kilometers large. This lake simply is too wonderful with its many endemic fish species. This ancient lake is the tenth deepest in the world. Since the water is really clear, you can enjoy snorkeling or kayaking here. All equipment can be rented on the spot. This lake also has a cave which has huge historical value.

Wonderful picture of Tempe Lake. via Instagram/corentin895

Exploring South Sulawesi can be a really fun activity. You can enjoy the many wonderful destinations in this province. As for the lakes in South Sulawesi, some of them are so large and unique. Even though some lakes are rather hard to reach, but their beauties will make your trip worthwhile. Next

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