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Cafes for Dining and Enjoying Latte Art in Sukajadi, Bandung

Here are some cafes and breweries where you can enjoy coffee and appreciate its latte art.

Sukajadi, located on the northwestern part of Bandung, is one of the entry points of the city. Sukajadi is the exit point of Pasteur toll road that connects Bandung and Jakarta, whether via Cikampek or Bogor. Sukajadi is also an important point between Bandung and the tourism center like Lembang in the north.

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Coffee and croissant. via Instagram/paberik.badjoe

Sukajadi itself is a relatively calm area since it’s not the main touristy area of Bandung. The most visited place in Sukajadi is probably the Paris van Java Mall complex. That makes Sukajadi a great place to hang out and enjoy coffee in the cool air of Bandung city. Here are some cafes and breweries where you can enjoy coffee and appreciate its latte art.

Bridge Coffee Boutique and Dining

Latte art at Bridge Coffee. via Instagram/_erosuke

This café has a quite striking design with predominantly black paint on the outside. The place is quite big, can easily accommodate big groups. The café strives to provide its customers with premium grade coffee. Just as the name suggests, you can also enjoy a good dinner here.

The price range for a cup of coffee is from IDR20,000 to 50,000. Bridge Coffee Boutique and Dining is at Jl. Karangsari, Pasteur, Sukajadi, Bandung City, West Java

Saka Bistro and Bar

The artistic latte at Saka Bistro and Bar. vai instagram/sakabistrobar

This is probably one of the most well-known coffee places in Bandung. Strictly speaking, this is not a café but they do have a wonderful barista. Their 3d latte art is a unique selling point, many people come specifically for that.

You can also enjoy a good dinner here with mostly western dishes. The most expensive cup of coffee here is just a bit more than IDR30,000. Saka Bistro and Bar is located at Jl. Karangsari No.2, Pasteur, Sukajadi, Bandung City.

Morning Glory Coffee

A great brunch choice. via Instagram/paberik.badjoe

It lives up to its name by providing breakfast and coffee since morning. Food-wise, this place offers a lot of options. You can have Indonesian, Asian, Pasta, and western menu in this restaurant. Most of the coffee here cost less than IDR30,000 even thou Caramel Macchiato is at 42k. Morning Glory Coffee is located at Setra Sari Mall, Jl. Terusan Sutami No.31, Sukagalih, Sukajadi, Bandung City.

Monsoon Café

Enjoying brunch at Monsoon Cafe. via Instagram/caferestodiary

Just like other establishments in this list, Monsoon Café also serves a great choice of food. You can have western and Japanese food here to quench your hunger. As for coffee, Monsoon offers an impressive range of choices. The prices are all IDR35,000 or less. Monsoon Café is located at Jl. Sirnamanah No.35, Pasteur, Sukajadi, Bandung City.

Station 8

Station 8. via Instagram/dad_dish

This place is also a great place to have dinner with its local menu and enjoy a cup of coffee as well. Station 8 has a unique design, almost similar to diners in the USA. With colorful neon, this place is a great place to take pictures. Coffee in Station 8 is wonderful and generally cost in the range of IDR30,000. Station 8 is located at Jl. Sukajadi No.132-134, Pasteur, Sukajadi, Bandung City.

Saka Bistro & Bar. via instagram/sakabistrobar

Bandung has lots of accommodation and culinary options. Sukajadi has many cafes and eatery that offers an impressive range of food choices with great coffee and latte art. Next


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