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5 Otherworldly Beaches in Lombok

Despite its massive tourism potential, many beautiful parts of Lombok are still untouched by tourists.

Semeti Beach. via Instagram/
Semeti Beach. via Instagram/

Despite its massive tourism potential, many beautiful parts of Lombok are still untouched by tourists. One of the reason is that the infrastructure isn’t there yet to fully support the tourism industry. Some are largely unknown because of minimal promotional effort. That’s why many otherworldly places in Lombok are not yet exposed to tourists.

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Semeti Beach. via Instagram/
Semeti Beach. via Instagram/dkatmaja

Lombok, in general, has many unbelievably beautiful spots scattered along the island. From refreshing waterfalls to panoramic hills, Lombok will pamper your eyes with wonderful sights. There are also many beautiful beaches that look so strange you might find it hard to believe that you’re still on Earth. Here are those otherworldly beaches.

Pantai Batu Payung

Batu Payung Beach. via Instagram/
Batu Payung Beach. via Instagram/agusm123

Batu Payung Beach means Stone Umbrella. Located near Tanjung Aan, Mandalika, access to Batu Payung is actually quite good. You only need two or three hours’ drive from Lombok International Airport to reach this beach.

Batu Payung is known for its unusual stones formations, including the famous umbrella-shaped one. This beach is an ideal place to take pictures, especially during sunsets.

Pantai Penyisok

Penyisok Beach. via Instagram/
Penyisok Beach. via Instagram/aliwahyu

Penyisok beach is not a typical beach with lovely white sand strips. It is dominated by the limestone cliff that directly faces the blue sea. One particular place is very popular; the Lingkoq Datu. It is a cliff with a notch indented to the sea, creating a perfect photographic setting for those who brave enough to venture to the tip of it.

On top of the golden-y cliff, there is savannah with green grass, creating a unique mosaic of colors that will remind you to some scene in Star Wars movies. This beach is located in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency.

Pantai Semeti

Semeti Beach. via Instagram/
Semeti Beach. via Instagram/dbrussell

Semeti Beach is another one that is very well hidden. You need to go through a rough route to reach these wonderful stone formations. The cliffs here look like they are constructed from smaller crystal stones, similar to Planet Krypton, the home of Superman.

There are also several pyramid-like structures in this strange beach. Semeti Beach is located at Mekar Sari Village, Praya Barat District, Central Lombok.

Pantai Nambung

Nambung Beach. via Instagram/
Nambung Beach. via Instagram/almiz.daud

Nuse Lembongan, Bali has Devil’s Tear. Lombok has a similarly wonderful beach in Nambung. You can see the big waves here create a unique waterfall. The waves crashing on the cliff so the water that reaches the top of the hill pouring down to the sea again, creating an unreal scene of water flowing down a mere rock.

You can even surf here but you must bring your own gear. Nambung Beach is located in Buwun Emas Village, Sekotong District, West Lombok.

Pantai Tebing

Tebing Beach. via Instagram/
Tebing Beach. via Instagram/chyo_sastrowardoyo

Literally means cliff beach, it can’t be more accurate. Tebing Beach is dominated by a steep cliff. Touching the sea is a narrow black sand strip under the intimidating cliff. Some people say that this place looks like Grand Canyon at one side but facing the open sea on the other side. At some parts, you can even climb the cliff if you bring your own gear. Tebing Beach is located at Sambiq Bangkol Village, Gangga District, North Lombok.

Penyisok Beach. via Instagram/
Penyisok Beach. via Instagram/travelerbaper__

Lombok still keeps many wonderful places a secret. The secrets would only be revealed to those who are willing to wander in this wonderful island. For one, they can find unearthly beaches scattered in Lombok coasts. Next

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