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Pantai Indrayanti, a Clean Beach with Indian Ocean View

Here are some lovely facts about about Indrayanti Beach.

Pantai Indrayanti Jogja
Pantai Indrayanti Jogja

Indrayanti Beach or sometimes also referred to as Pulang Sawal (Pulsa) Beach is a strip of white sand located at the southern coast of Yogyakarta. It’s a short stretch of white sandy beach facing the Indian Ocean. It is one of the most popular beaches in Gunung Kidul and Yogyakarta.

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Enjoying the sunset. via Instagram/xth7

This beach rose to fame quite recently, unlike the traditionally popular beaches like Parangtritis or Parangkusumo. However, Indrayanti has welcome lots of tourists since and can be quite crowded during weekends. Here are some lovely facts about Indrayanti Beach.

The name confusion

Indrayanti is not the official name. via Instagram/mputrif

Indrayanti is not the official name for this beach. The name is actually Pulang Sawal, or people call them Pulsa for short. Indrayanti was the name of a popular restaurant located nearby and people somehow refer to this beach to that name of the restaurant. Indrayanti was the name of the couple who own the restaurant; Indra and Yanti.

View from one of the hills. via Instagram/adityaastyn

The restaurant somewhat becomes the landmark of this beach. As it became more and more popular, many other restaurants sprung up. However, the name Indrayanti stuck. The name and beauty of Indrayanti keep spreading from mouth to mouth.


It’s a popular destination. via Instagram/irun_syach

Administratively, Indrayanti is located at Ngasem Hamlet, Sidoharjo Village, Tepus district, Gunung Kidul Regency. This beach is located in a somewhat resort area as there are several other beautiful beaches nearby. You can easily go to Pok Tunggal, Sundak, and Krakal beach from Indrayanti as the road connecting them are very good.

Birdview of the beach. via Instagram/marendradika

From the downtown Yogyakarta, Indrayanti is 66 kilometers away, you can reach it in about two hours. Even though the road is already well connected, the route can be challenging with many sharp turns, downhill, and uphill roads. The trip will be comfortable, but you cannot go too fast.

Enjoy the beach

People enjoying the beach. via Instagram/danangmotret

Indrayanti is a typical south Jogja beach, with white sand and a view to the open Indian Ocean. The sandy part stretches for about 200 meters and it goes down quite steeply compared to other beaches. The sandy part is large enough for people to play around. The waters are not suitable for swimming as there are lots of reefs and the wave can be quite strong. You can still play at the very shallow water though.

Wonderful sunset. via Instagram/xth7

Indrayanti is also a great place to enjoy sunsets. The great thing about enjoying sunsets at Indrayanti is that the beach is usually less crowded so you can choose a preferable spot to fully savor the moment. You can even climb to the two hills at each side of the beach to get a better view.

Keeping the beach clean

The beach is clean. via Instagram/r_vien

Unlike many other beaches, Indrayanti is managed by locals who actually care so much about the place. The management at Indrayanti enforces a strict no-littering rule within the area.

Each infringement will be punished accordingly, with minimum fine of IDR10,000. This helps the beach stay clean, even during the hectic tourist season.

Twilight at indrayanti. via Instagram/aroumix

Indrayanti is a lovely place to visit in Gunung Kidul. This beach, apart from its white sand stretch, also has lovely natural hilly scenery. This beach is not ideal for swimming or snorkeling, but the panorama is wonderful and makes it worth visiting. Next


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