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Rafting on Progo, the Most Challenging River in Java

Here are the challenges you can go through at Progo River.

Rafting on Progo Jogja
Rafting on Progo Jogja

Yogyakarta has a lot of natural tourism potential which has recently been developed intensively. One of them is white water rafting on the Progo River. This river has a route that is considered one of the most challenging on Java.

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Lovely scenery. via Instagram/ukitaftozani

In term of white water rafting, Progo River can actually be divided into two; Upper Progo and Lower Progo. Both of these rivers have different characters and also different difficulty levels. Here are the challenges you can go through at Progo River.

Upper Progo

Rafting at Upper Progo. via Instagram/jokon_nugroho

This river is only available for rafting during the rainy season. The route on this river is 9 km long and the rafting duration is 2,5 to 3 hours. The rafting participant is at least 14 years old and already has the basic ability to swim. Participants must also have grade II Plus rafting experience because the river has Grade III and IV.

Lower Progo

Rafting at Lower progo. via Instagram/ninasugiarta_

This is a river that has a grade V, the maximum for white water rafting. The river has a large flow because this is where the surrounding rivers such as the Elo River and the Upper Progo River meet. This river is also one of the lava flows from Mount Merapi so the character and shape of the river can change every time Merapi erupts.

Upper Progo. via Instagram/arusprogorafting

The Lower Progo River has a 25 km white water rafting course which usually takes about 4-5 hours to finish. To be able to navigate this challenging river, you must have adequate rafting experience and swimming ability. Because of its challenging route, the river is a favorite choice of experienced rafters who are looking for interesting adventures around Yogyakarta.


Upper Progo only availab;e during rainy season. via Instagram/jefrydwi92

The Upper Progo Rafting starts from Kemirirejo, Magelang with a distance of about 9 km and will cost roughly Rp 200,000 per person. The minimum age for taking this rafting is 8 years.

Lower Progo has bigger water volume. via Instagram/the_crew866

The lower Progo River usually starts from Klangon village and will finish on Dekso. Because the route is very tough, the cost for rafting here can reach IDR 500,000 per person. Rafting operators in Lower Progo usually only serve one trip every day.


Wonderful course. via Instagram/topraftingoars

Your ticket usually includes a variety of amenities. You will get lunch, young coconut drinks, snacks, insurance, medical equipment, mineral water, local transportation, two professionally-taken photos when rafting, stickers, bathing places, and certificates.

Wonderful course. via Instagram/topraftingoars

The safety gear that you will get during rafting here is also quite complete. You will get a life jacket, helmet, paddle, as well as experienced guide services. As with all other rafting services, you must always prioritize teamwork and obey your guideā€™s instructions while on a boat.

Challenging river. via Instagram/arusprogorafting

Progo River presents a challenging rafting experience. Both the Upper Progo and the Lower Progo have a very tough route, especially during the rainy season when the water volume is high. This destination is suitable for those of you who like an adventure. Next

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