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Enjoying the Delicious Rujak Cingur Surabaya

Most of the most delicious rujak cingur come from this city. Indeed, for the most authentic taste, you must try it in Surabaya.

Rujak is essentially a fruit and vegetable salad from Indonesia and the neighboring Southeast Asian Countries. Rujak is rather a popular food, especially in western Indonesia. Each region usually has its own variant of Rujak. Each variant can be really different from other places. In East Java, especially in Surabaya, Rujak Cingur is very popular.

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Delicious Delta Rujak. via Instagram/sbykulinerinfo

Cingur is cow’s mouth. This is a somewhat meaty rujak made with cooked cow lips, bengkoang, cucumber, kangkung, lontong, tofu, and tempe. The dressing is a black sauce made from petis and ground peanuts. Here are some of the best rujak cingur that you can enjoy in Surabaya.

Genteng Durasim

Tasty rujak. via Instagram/surabayafoodies

The name of the restaurant is simply taken from the name of the street. This rujak restaurant is located at Jl. Genteng Durasim No.29, Surabaya. Rujak Cingur Genteng Durasim is quite legendary. It is because this restaurant has been established since the Japanese colonial era, in 1942 to be exact. The stall is now managed by the third generation of the owner. It is open from 11.00 until 17.00. A serving of rujak cingur here will cost you IDR25K.


The cingur is reallay tempting. via Instagram/ahuiliee

Rujak Delta is one of the most popular in Surabaya and it serves many customers every day. The unique feature about Delta is that the rujak has yellow noodles. The location is at Jalan Pemuda No. 33 – 37, Genteng, Surabaya. It is on the 2nd floor of Plaza Surabaya. Rujak Delta is open from 10.00 to 22.00. The price for a portion of rujak cingur here is around IDR34K. However, you can choose the vegetables and the side dish.

Ahmad Jais

This is rather expensive. via Instagram/eattemptationsby

Ahmad Jais is notorious for its expensive prices, especially for Surabaya’s standard. A portion of rujak here is IDR70K. However, the food here is really tasty. You can find sliced tempeh, tofu, bean sprouts, kale, and cingur in its rujak.

Even though the price is quite steep, this stall is always crowded with customers. The stall is on Jalan Ahmad Jais No.40 Peneleh Genteng, Surabaya. It is open from 10.00 to 17.00on weekdays. While on weekends, it’s only open at 11.00 and closes at 17.00.

Joko Dolog

Delicious with rice cake. via Instagram/amazingindonesiafood

This stall is located on Jalan Apsari No. 25, Embong Kaliasin, Surabaya. It is always crowded with customers, sometimes you can see they have to wait outside of the dining area. Joko Dolok’s stall was initially located at Jl. Embong Sawo, so it was known as Rujak Embong Sawo.

A serving here costs IDR 20,000. The stall is open from 10.00 to 16.00. Since the stall is very popular, you might want to come early to make sure you get the place and the food.

Rujak Ahmad Jais. via Instagram/laparlagimakanlagi

Rujak Cingur has become a part of Surabaya life. Most of the most delicious rujak cingur come from this city. You can, of course, enjoy the dish in many cities all over Indonesia. However, for the most authentic taste, you must try it in Surabaya. Next

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