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Sanghyang Heuleut, a Pond where the Angels Bathe

Sanghyang Heuleut is a wonderful secluded place, hidden between the rocks in Wesst bandung.

Enjoying Sanghyang Heuleut. via instagram/

Sanghyang Heuleut, along with the other two sanghyangs (Tikoro and Poek) is a unique tourist destinations trilogy in West Bandung Regency. All three of them are often linked with myth and legends, making them a rather creepy if you believe in such thing.

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The pond with blue water. via Instagram/jajanggwahyudin28

Among the three, Sanghyang Heuleut is the most beautiful one. This pond is also the most popular one, attracting more tourists than the other two even though they are located nearby. Here are some facts you need to know about Sanghyang Heuleut.

What in the world is Sanghyang Heuleut?

The small yet beautiful pond. via Instagram/ridwan.aguz

It is a little lake that looks like it was being carved into a huge stone. Even though the water is relatively shallow, only three meters deep, the water is as blue as the sky.

Sometimes, the color changes into turquoise for some reason. This lake feed from the old Citarum River. You can swim here if you want to, but make sure that you are a good swimmer because help might be quite far away if something terrible would happen.

Extremely Instagenic

Great place to take a picture. via Instagram/arif.ikhwani

Geologists speculated that thispond is a result of an explosion of an ancient volcano; Mount Purba. That is why this pond is surrounded by huge boulders, almost unseen from outside. Some people consider this pond as a hidden paradise. The combination of the rocks and the blue water creates a somewhat otherworldly view, extremely good for photographic setting.

The scenery is wonderful along the stream. via Instagram/kevins_hobbies

In fact, Sanghyang Heuleut rose to fame after people shared its pictures in social media. The words about the beauty of this place spread and everyone wants the piece of its beauty. As a result, even more great pictures are produced and this place getting more and more popular.

The Myth

This pond is shrouded with myths. via Instagram/ruslie__beben

In Old Sundanese language, Sanghyang means a title given to a holy person or the ones with supernatural powers. Heuleut means interlude, a break between two times. Together, Sanghyang Heuleut loosely means a beautiful place to spend your free time.

According to local lore, this is the pond where the angels come down from heaven to take a bath and purify themselves. The beautiful setting and secluded location surely played a part in the creation of that lore.

The secluded location

Verdant green water. via Instagram/

Sanghyang Heuleut is located at the Rajamandala Kulon Village, Cipatat District, West Bandung Regency. It’s not too far away from Saguling Dam, near the border with Cianjur Regency. It is roughly30 kilometers away from downtown Bandung but you will need 90-120 minutes to reach this pond with a car in good traffic. This place is especially secluded and you have to go through smaller roads.

Enjoying the serene atmosphere on the rock. via Instagram/infobandung_

Sanghyang Heuleut is best visited during the dry season as the water would be clear and bluish. During the rainy season, the water becomes somewhat muddy and the color changes into brownish. Remember to wear shoes with good grip as the rocks here can be quite slippery. For those who can’t swim, it is advisable to visit this pond with a friend who can swim, just in case. Next


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