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Eating Giant Foods at Sonoma Resto Bandung

Here are some special menus that you can enjoy at the Sonoma Cafe.

Sonoma Cafe and Resto. via Instagram/

One positive impact of the intense competition in the culinary business is the increasingly creative the business has become.  All is done in order to get exposure and attention from the customers. In this aspect, Bandung is one area that produces many creative cafes and restaurants.

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Huge portions at Sonoma Cafe and resto. via Instagram/sonomaresto

One restaurant that is quite interesting is Sonoma Cafe. In this place you can get food in super large portions. The place is clean and comfortable, the service is friendly, and the place is very accommodating if you want to eat together with friends. Here are some special menus that you can enjoy at the Sonoma Cafe and Resto.

The Giant and Monster Black Big Burger

This is the most computer dish in Sonoma Cafe.  Just as the name implies, this is a giant hamburger with black charcoal buns. There are three flavors you can choose; chicken, beef, and fishYou can have this burger in two different sizes.

The smaller one is 24 centimeters in diameter which can be enjoyed four to six people. The bigger one is 30 centimeters in diameter and can be enjoyed by 8 to 12 people. The price of the smaller one is 150000 rupiah while the bigger one costs 350,000.

Monster Pizza

Monstaer Pizza. via Instagram/makanpakereceh

When you order pizza here, you don’t have kid the full round of pizza. Instead, you just get a slice of it. But don’t worry, the slice is a monster. Half a meter long and up to 30 centimeters wide, you will never finish this slice alone. In fact, many customers use this monster pizza slice as a birthday cake. This slice, according to the coffee, is 4 to 6 people.

You can have this monster slice in 3 flavors; pizza Margherita, pepperoni pizza, and double chicken pizza. The price is just under a 100000 Rupiah.

Superhero hot Dogs

Superhero Hot Dogs. via Instagram/makanpakereceh

Just like regular hot dogs, this superhero is mainly sausages and long buns. However, just look anything else in this Cafe, this size massive. This hot dogs is 40 centimeters long and accompanied with pickle slices, mashed potato, chili con carne, and cheese sauces. Just like anything else in this restaurant, you need friend to finish superhero hot dogs, at least four of them.

Appetizer Platter

Appetizer Platter. via Instagram/sonomaresto

While you wait for your food to come, you might want some snacks. In this case, you can order an appetizer platter. This one is not served too extravagantly, only for two people. You will have several of onion blossom, bitterballen, truffle fries, chicken pops, garlic bread, poutin, nachos, and chicken satay.

Even though they are delicious, please refrain yourself from eating too much because the main dish will be even bigger. This appetizer platter costs 99000 Rupiah.


Steak with Raclette Cheese. via Instagram/foodnotestories

Sonoma cafe also offers original steaks. There are several steaks you can choose like; San Francisco steak, New York steak, steak and egg, American mixed Grill, and the massive Diane steak. There are also the cafes signature cola steak, including the super-sized sirloin cola steak. This one is made from 330 grams important us sirloins and ribeye.

Sonoma Cafe and resto. via Instagram/sonomaresto

Sonoma Cafe offer not only delicious food in huge portion, but also a great place to have fun with friends. It’s much more than just foods in this place, it’s also about the people who enjoy them. Next

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