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Golden Tenun and Ikat Cloths from Sukarara Village

Sukarara village is a lovely destination in the heart of Lombok. This small village produces wonderful cloths woven from golden thread.

In the last few years, Indonesian travelers who explore the country was swept by the trend. They bring a traditional piece of cloths wherever they go. It has become a compulsory item to take a picture with. Some of the most popular clothes are tenun and ikat from Sukarara Village in Lombok.

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Weaving golden threads. via Suci Rahayu/Travelingyuk

Sukarara is a unique village, popular for its traditional clothes. It is one of the most tourism villages on the island, along with Banyumulek and Sade. Here is all you need to know about Sukarara, a village traditional village where tenun and ikat come from.


Painstakingly weave the traditional cloth. via Suci Rahayu/Travelingyuk

Administratively, Sukarara is located part of Jonggat District, Central Lombok Regency. The village is also somewhat situated in a strategic location. It is sitting between Mataram and Lombok International Airport. It is 25 kilometers away from Mataram and you can reach it in half an hour’s drive. From the airport, you’ll only need 20 minutes’ drive. All the road infrastructure is also already good.

The Cloths

Lots of patterns that you can choose. via Suci Rahayu/Travelingyuk

Sukarara resident still produces traditional clothes, namely tenun, and songket. They spun the thread and weave the clothes themselves using a traditional loom. In addition, the tourist who visits this village can observe closely how the women of Sukarara weave. The Tourist can also learn how to weave and buy the clothes for a souvenir. You can even ask for a custom made clothes only for you.

Unique tradition

Sukarara ha unique house. via Instagram/subahnale_sukarare

Physically, you can still see many traditional houses in Sukarara. Wooden houses with thatched grass room are indeed remnants from the past. Apart from that, the villagers here also hold on to their traditions very well. Moreover, women learn to weave from a very young age. There was even a tradition that a Sukarara girl cannot marry before she can weave a proper cloth.


It can be a bit pricey. via Suci Rahayu/Travelingyuk

The main characteristic of Sukarara cloths is indeed its golden thread. Depending on the size, golden clothes from Sukarara can cost from IDR150K to two million rupiah per piece. Without the golden thread, the price is significantly lower. Tenun and ikat from Sukarara is indeed a special-made cloth, it requires special treatment too.

Women weaving clothes. via Suci Rahayu/travelingyuk

Sukarara village is a lovely destination in the heart of Lombok. Additionally, this small village produces wonderful cloths woven from golden thread. Come to this village to experience the traditional way of acquiring clothes. Next

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