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The Many Exotic Traditional Villages in Sumba

Sumba has many pristine natural wonders an also unique culture. You can see them in the many traditional villages in Sumba.

Sumba is a remarkable island with wonderful natural and cultural wealth. You can explore this island to enjoy beautiful beaches, wonderful waterfalls, and its vast grasslands. This island, however, also has a rich culture as reflected in several traditional villages in Sumba.

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The old village. via Instagram/ummayamme

Going to any of these villages will feel like going back in time. You will see the traditional houses that have been standing there for centuries. You will see how Sumba people live their daily lives. If you are interested in such places, you can come to these villages.


The idyllic ratenggaro. via Instagram/eryradixa

Among others, this is the most popular traditional villages in Sumba Island. You can find 11 uniquely shaped traditional houses. The houses create quite a great panorama because it is located by the beach. This is a haven for photographers. There are so many ways to capture the beauty of this village. You will be presented with unlimited angles to aim your shutter at.

Pasunga Village

Megalithic site in Pasunga. via Instagram/di.mustikasari

There are several megalithic tombs villages you can find in Sumba, one of them is Pasunga traditional village. The houses in this village are no longer thatched grass but are already changed into the tin roof. However, it still retains its traditional shapes. There are also several megalithic tomb structures. It is the resting place of the royal member from the past.

Kampung Tarung

The houses at Kampung Tarung. via Instagram/ummayamme

This village is located near Wakaibubak, the main hub in West Sumba. You can enjoy not only the original shape of the houses but also the local tradition. In Kampung Tarung, you can also observe how people spend their day. You might want to learn how women weave rice storage, containers, everyday bag, and many more. They mostly use natural fiber that they can find in their environment.

Praiyawang Village

The lovely Praiyawang Village. via Instagram/eryradixa

This one is located in East Sumba. Just like in other traditional Sumba villages, you can find old houses made from bamboo or woods with a thatched roof. In Praiyawang, there are eight main houses that surround the main square. There are also some megalithic structures that function as a tomb. The roof of the houses here is somewhat a bit lower compared to its western counterparts.

The Ratenggaro village. via Instagram/anungadithya17

Sumba is a place to visit if you want to enjoy pristine natural wonders as well as a unique culture. One of the cultural heritage you can still see today is the many traditional villages in Sumba. This place is really magical in that sense. Next


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