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Best Resorts in Batu, the Little Swiss of Java

Batu, often dubbed as the Little Swiss of Java, is a great getaway destination. For the best experience, you’d better stay in the best resorts in Batu.

Batu is a city located to the west of Malang, East Java. This city has become one of the most important tourist destinations in the province. In fact, Batu has declared itself as a tourism city. It’s not just an empty declaration as you can find a lot of attractions, hotels, and resorts in Batu.

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The lovely Golden Tulip. via

There are several Jawa Timur Park (theme parks), Museum Angkut (transportation museum), hot springs, Batu Night Spectacular, waterfalls, and many more. If you want to fully enjoy your visit to Batu, you might want to stay in its best resorts. Here are some of the best resorts in Batu.


View from Jambuluwuk. via

This one is located in the western part of the city. Sitting nicely on the slope of a hill, this resort overlooks the western part of the city, especially the resort village of Songgoriti. Apart from a great resort for personal stay, Jambuluwuk is also great for community outing. It has, after all, the convention hall that complements the resort. Rates at Jambuluwuk start at 1.4 million rupiahs for a three-bedroom villa.

The Singhasari Resort

The chapel at The Singhasari. via

This resort is located in the eastern part of the city. It has a quiet yet friendly atmosphere. This is not just a lodging place, though. Much more than that, The Singhasari is a combination of traditions, culture, lifestyle, and beauty. You can also pamper yourself in its spa. It is truly the ultimate rejuvenating getaway in East Java. Rates for a Deluxe King Room starts at IDR900K per night.

Golden Tulip Holland Resort

The Beautiful Golden Tulip. via

This resort is located in the southern part of Batu. Sitting nicely on the hill, you can get a remarkable city view from Golden Tulip. The scenery becomes especially remarkable during the night where the city lights are dominating the landscape. You can also expect a four-star service at this resort. The best feature of Golden Tulip is that you will always get the serenity you need because it is located on the hill, away from the busy city. Rates at this resort start at 853K per night.

Amarta Hills Hotel & Resort

The beautiful view of Amarta Hills. via Instagram/amartahills

Another southern resort in Batu. A bit away from the city center, this resort is a great place if you want to enjoy the best night sky in Batu. Needless to say, the place is cool, maybe too cold for some during a certain season. The resort is massively instragramable is it has a beautiful view all around. Rates at this establishment start at IDR899K per night.

Pool view of Jambuluwuk. via

Batu, often dubbed as the Little Swiss of Java, is a great getaway destination. You can enjoy many things in this city, from natural to artificial attractions. For the best experience, you’d better stay in the best resorts in Batu. Next

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