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Wonderful Waterfalls in Geopark Ciletuh

Geopark Ciletuh will provide you with many wonderful spots, including many waterfalls. There are several wonderful waterfalls in this large area.

Geopark Ciletuh is a national park covering more than a thousand square kilometers. This geopark is located on the southern part of Sukabumi, covering eight districts. As such, you can find many beautiful spots in this area. There are also many waterfalls in Geopark Ciletuh area, most of them are extraordinarily beautiful.

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The remarkable Cimarunjung. via Instagram/setapakkecil

Generally, you can also find panoramic hills and beautiful beaches in this geopark. However, the waterfalls are truly breathtaking and deserve their own recognition. Here are some of the best waterfalls in Geopark Ciletuh, Sukabumi.

Curug Cimarinjung

Magnificent Cimarinjung. via Instagram/uncle_syaf

You can see the top of this waterfall from Palangpang Beach. It is also located in Ciwaru Village, fed by Cimarinjung River. It is 5 meters high with several tiers. Locals also called it Curug Gong because, on certain days, it produces a sound similar to a gong. According to local legend, there is a gong hidden in the waterfall. It indeed belongs to a supernatural kingdom. There are also Curug Nyelempet and Curug Dogdog nearby.

Curug Puncak Manik

Facing the wonderful Puncak manik Waterfall. via Instagram/ezap92

This waterfall has a huge volume of water discharging in its stream. There are also several tiers of this waterfall, making it wonderful for pictures. The waterfall is surrounded by a green cliff. Indeed, from the lower part of the waterfall, you can see the stream cascading down via a rocky river.

Curug Sodong

The water falls into a nice pond. via Instagram/rizkisetiawant

Even though the waterfall is not too tall, but this one is really unique. It has two side to side waterfalls. There is also a huge rock between the two falls, creating an intimidating view. The pond is actually not too deep, but the current can be strong. This twin waterfall is a really wonderful place for couples who want to create an everlasting memory.

Surung Awang

The majestic Curug Awang. via Instagram/yuriparinduri

This is definitely the most breathtaking waterfall in all Geopark Ciletuh. Curug Awang indeed looks like Niagara Waterfall. It has a long line of cliff, fed by a big river. However, the waterfall is only on one side of the cliff, enable brave visitors to walk along the edge. This waterfall is great for drone photography.

Curug Cikanteh

The grand waterfall. via Instagram/ayu.nrm

This is a bit similar to Puncak Manik and Cimarinjung Waterfalls. There are two tiers in particular. The upper tier is a single stream with a huge volume of water. It drops into a pond which in turn spread the water into the lower tier. It creates a larger yet less strong waterfall. Surrounded by the black cliff, this place is instagramable beyond belief.

Standing between waterfalls. via Instagram/roni_lukman04

Geopark Ciletuh will provide you with many wonderful spots, including many waterfalls. There are several wonderful waterfalls in Geopark Ciletuh that you need to explore. Next

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