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Exploring Beautiful Waterfalls in Lampung

Lampung is a nice place to explore because this province has a lot of beautiful spots. There are also several wonderful waterfalls in Lampung.

Lampung, located at the southern tip of Sumatra, is a province with great tourism potential. There are a lot of places you can explore in this region. Whatever natural destination you prefer, you will probably find it in Lampung. For instance, there are many beautiful waterfalls in Lampung.

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Under torrential falls. via Instagram/azizahfkhrtnn

From the beautiful white sandy beach, exotic national park, world-class surfing spot, Lampung have them all. Waterfalls in Lampung is also wonderful even though some of them are still hard to access. Here are some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Lampung.

Curup Gangsa

The grand Curup Gangsa. via Instagram/audiaayuriskita

To get to this waterfall, you need to drive into the wilderness of Way Kanan. This regency is in the northern part of the province, directly borders with South Sumatra. The road to the waterfall is actually really good, but due to the sheer distance, you will need approximately five hours to get here from Bandar Lampung. The waterfall itself is remarkable with a strong current and stream. If you are into drone photography, you can see that the waterfall has an even more beautiful view.

Ciupang Waterfall

The wonderful Ciupang. via Instagram/dimasdoding

The waterfall is located at a huge bowl of cliffs. The black granite cliffs really give the waterfall its magnificent look. The drop itself is not too direct as the water creeps from one bump to another, creating a beautiful cascading look. Aside from that, the subsequent stream also creates a nice pond, great for refreshing after you are done with the waterfall.

Putri Malu Waterfall

The waterfall has a hanging cliff. via Instagram/duniaindra

This is an unbelievably unique waterfall. The volume of the water is not overly big but it is enough to feed a nice pond below. The most prominent feature of this waterfall is, of course, the cliff where the water drop. The cliff hangs on a green mossy rock, creating a gap between the waterfall and the cliff. The pond is also fun to swim into.

Way Lalaan Waterfall

Floating at Way Lalaan. via Instagram/afzanio_akyildizleandra

This is another waterfall with a unique cliff. If you walk along the stream, you can actually find two waterfalls here. Locals simply call it Way Lalaan 1 and Way Lalaan 2 Waterfall. The cliff in Way Lalaan 1 is unique because it seems that the water cut the stone diagonally. The pattern of the cliff gives the impression that it is facing down. You can also explore some durian orchards nearby.

At Curup Gangsa. via Instagram/deprijr95

Lampung is a nice place to explore because this province has a lot of beautiful spots. There are several wonderful waterfalls in Lampung that you can explore to refresh your mind. Next

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