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Meet the Endangered Bali Myna in West Bali National Park

Here are interesting facts about West Bali National Park.

Bali Myna. via Instagram/crazybirdguy

West Bali National Park is a conservation area that covers land and sea areas. Located on the northwestern tip of Bali, this park is very close to Java, only separated by a small strait.

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Bali Myna. via Instagram/crazybirdguy

West Bali National Park covers around 190 square kilometers of area, with 158 km2 on land, and the rest in the sea. Here are interesting facts about West Bali National Park.

Unique ecosystem

The forest ecosystem/ via Instagram/yunknurul

Overall, the west Bali National Park is divided into two ecosystems; terrestrial ecosystems and marine ecosystems. Terrestrial ecosystems include lowland rainforests, savannahs, coastal forests, seasonal forests, mangrove forests, and tropical rainforest rivers. Meanwhile, the marine ecosystem consists of shallow sea waters, deep sea waters, seagrass beds, Coral Reef, and sandy beaches.

Male deer chasing a female in the sea. via Instagram/nicholassaputra

You can also find many types of rare animals in this National Park. Various protected animals such as banteng (bull), lutungs, deer, and various types of birds. You can also find some endemic flora in this park. Overall, there are 176 protected flora and fauna species in this park.

Bali Myna Conservation in Teluk Brumbun

The endangered brid. via Instagram/crazybirdguy

Bali Myna, sometimes also known as Bali Starling is a white, medium-sized chirping bird, and can only be found naturally in the western part of Bali. The population decreases sharply so that the government had to protect them.

Golden Myna at sunset. via Instagram/crazybirdguy

A conservation resort was built in Brumbun Bay (Teluk Brumbun) which is still part of West Bali National Park. This resort aims to help conserve and breed Bali starlings before they are then released into the wild.

Menjangan Island

Pulau Menjangan. via Instagram/victor.witt

If you are in West Bali National Park, you may have to stop by Menjangan Island, especially if you like diving and snorkeling. Menjangan Island’s underwater life is legendary and is one of the most popular underwater tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Healthy reef at menjangan Island. via Instagram/xaviidigora

You can see the healthy Coral Reef, colorful fish species, and breathtaking views of the beach and sea. You can even dive at night on this island.

Teluk Terima Temple

Teluk Terima Temple. via Instagram/pulau1000pura

This temple is located in the West Bali National Park area, and has a legend that is very well known throughout Indonesia; the legends of Jayaprana and Layonsari. This temple is quite popular among Hindu, either from Bali and from Java. Many believers come to this temple to pray for a life partner, success in business or ask for an offspring.

Karang Sewu Beach

Karang Sewu Beach. via Instagram/naahamida

If you visit West Bali National Park, you should take the time to stop by Karang Sewu Beach. The beach has pleasant views of the bay and small Savanna. The waters on this beach are quite calm so you can swim without any fear of being swept by the ferocious waves. This beach somehow feels like a lake because you can see green hills around the waters.

Some residents of West Bali National park. via Instagram/budi.astawa

West Bali National Park can be a fun educational destination for a family trip. Besides helping nature conservation efforts, you can also enjoy the beauty of pristine forests and the sea. Next

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