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Banda Neira Archipelago, the Legendary Nutmeg Island

Here is what you need to know about Banda Naira, a legendary archipelago where nutmegs originated.

Centuries ago, Indonesia was popular for its spices. Many European countries fight each other for the right to import the many exotic spices, especially the legendary nutmeg that was, at that time, can only be found in Banda Islands.

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Banda Islands. via Instagram/uyaa_91

Banda Islands is located on the eastern part of Indonesia. This small archipelago is not only about nutmegs, though. You can find many beautiful places in these small islands. Here is what you need to know about Banda Naira, a legendary archipelago where nutmegs originated.

Where is Banda and how to get there?

A view from Banda Island. via Instagram/anoo_13

Banda Islands is in Maluku Province. The islands are located in the middle of the ocean, to the south of Maluku Island. The only reliable way to get to these islands is only by ships. There is an airline flying to Banda Island, but it doesn’t fly daily so you have to keep your eyes on Susi Air which usually fly every week.

Rhun Island. via Instagram/anoo_13

Via ships, you can go from Ambon Bay. The other option is to go from Talehu that usually take six hours to reach Banda. The length of the trip can heavily depend on the wave you encounter on the sea.

Fort Belgica

Fort Belgica. via Instagram/paparipibajalang

The Dutch East Indian Company had a firm grip on this archipelago. The place was so valuable they have to protect it from other European countries. To defend the islands, the Dutch built Fort Belgica, a pentagon-shaped fort in Banda Neira. You can explore this fort as it is located just by the port. The fort also a great vantage point with wonderful scenery.

Island Hopping

there are several small islands around. via Instagram/anoo_13

There are seriously great small islands in this archipelago. After you are done exploring Banda Neira, you could continue your exploration to other small islands nearby. Island hopping is possible by renting or chartering a boat, usually fisherman’s boat. The trip typically is short as the other islands are located nearby.

Snorkeling and Diving Spots

Great diving spots. via Instagram/hayleydiver

Banda Islands is, for the most part, still a pristine area. The waters in this area are usually calm and clear, providing great visibility. You can enjoy snorkeling and diving almost in this area. The reef is colorful and the underwater life is rich. You probably need to bring your own equipment to enjoy a great experience while playing in the waters of Banda Islands.

Fort Belgica from above. via Instagram/anoo_13

Banda Islands is more than just beautiful archipelago. It is a legendary area, rich in history and of course the original place of the most sought after spice; nutmeg. Next

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