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Breksi Cliff, a Beautiful Park Carved from an Abandoned Quarry

Here are some facts about Breksi Cliff Park, a tourist destination carved from a huge boulder in an abandoned quarry.

Breksi Cliff at night. via Instagram/

In a former stone quarry located near Prambanan Temple, there were formless stones with a huge boulder. But with local wisdom and the skills of its people, this large cliff is transformed into an attractive tourist destination. Its name is the Breksi Cliff.

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Light painting at Breksi. via Instagram/sungsang.haha

Today, this cliff has become one of the popular tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, the Sultan of Yogyakarta, has made the Breksi Cliff Park as a cultural preserve. Here are some facts about Breksi Cliff Park.


The Breksi Cliff has a long history and is quite controversial. This place was once a limestone mining site, carried out traditionally by the local community. The government considered that mining activity here was dangerous and potentially damaging the environment, so they prohibited it.

The huge boulder is carved into a giant artwork. via Instagram/doelhadi83

After mining activities ceased, the surrounding community began to develop this place into a tourist destination. The cliff which was originally a large chunk of the boulder was carved little by little to become an artistic and photogenic attraction.


Breksi Cliff is a popular destination. via Instagram/tibatibafoto

It doesn’t take long for the Breksi Cliff to gain popularity among tourists. With the many instagramable spots, tourists flock to this area to enjoy works of art set in this somewhat natural setting.

Some came to appreciate the carvings and workmanship, some others came with the intention to take photos to feed their social media need, especially their Instagram. Many brides-to-be also choose to do their pre-wedding photo-shoot at this place.


Tlatar Seneng. via Instagram/indogreatspot

Breksi Cliff also offers several other alternative activities such as rock climbing, sunset viewing, biking, or just walking around the place to enjoy its panoramic beauty. An outdoor amphitheater is located just next to the cliff.

This amphitheater is called Tlatar Seneng, with a circular stage with a diameter of 15 meters in the center of it. Just like the ancient Roman amphitheater, the spectators were sitting on the terraced seats above the ground that surrounds the stage.

Must be extra careful

The stairs at Breksi. via Instagram/s_aellllllllll

If you decide to climb up to the Breksi Cliff, you have to be very careful because some of the stairs here are not equipped with safety railings at the edges. Therefore if you decide to climb this big chunk of carved rock, even though it is quite easy to get to the top, you must keep your focus so that you don’t fall over, especially if you are with children.

Some of the carvings in Breksi. via Instagram/mayafatnawati

Geologically, the rock on this cliff is formed from volcanic deposits due to ancient volcanic eruptions. The structure is indeed quite strong, but because the security concern is still there, preventive measure on tourists’ part is necessary.

Breksi at night. via Instagram/jogjascenery

Breksi Cliffs are very easy to reach from all part in Yogyakarta and Magelang. The journey by car from the center of Yogyakarta City to the Breksi Cliff takes around 2 hours. Just keep in mind that this place may not be the best destination for children because of the security reason. Next

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