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Fun Activities at Crystal Lagoon Bintan, the Largest Man-made Lagoon in Southeast Asia

Here are some activities you can enjoy at this large artificial lagoon.

In the last few years, Bintan has quickly become one of the most important tourist destinations in Indonesia. Blessed with many beautiful beaches all over its shores, Bintan sees an extensive development in tourism lately. Investors see Bintan as an attractive place to develop due to its proximity to Singapore.

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The lagoon. via Instagram/imanhanggi

The most ambitious project on this island is the Treasure Bay, an integrated tourism city on a massive 338-hectare land. Their main project is to build many attractions with the concept of ‘first in Asia’ concept. Crystal Lagoon is South-East Asia’s first man-made seawater lagoon at 6.3 hectares. Here are some activities you can enjoy at this large artificial lagoon.

Water Bicycle and Tricycle

Riding a water bicycle. via Instagram/treasurebaybintan.official

Water Tricycle is a perfect activity for families who want to explore the lagoon in a relaxing way. You can pedal your way on a ride that is fit for two people. If you come alone, you probably want to try the water bicycle instead.

Water Sports Park

Children’s plaground. via Instagram/treasurebaybintan.official

Just like its name, this one is a floating playground for children. Your little ones can have a blast in this large castle, inflated on the Crystal Lagoon. You don’t need to worry about safety because there are experienced staffs that will make sure that everything is okay.


Jetovator. via Instagram/treasurebaybintan.official

This is probably the most daring ride of all. This ride redirects water thrust to propel you to the air. The key is to keep your balance so you can fly in the air. No experience is needed here because you will have a coaching session before attempting to soar with Jetovator.

Cable Wakeboarding

Cable wkaeboarding. via Instagram/treasurebaybintan.official

Traditionally wakeboarding is done by pulling a person on a wakeboard using boats. However, in this Crystal Lagoon, they use cable and crane to pull you, making it possible to have a great velocity.

Slip and slide

Sliding down. via Instagram/treasurebaybintan.official

This is colorful slides located at the side of the lagoon. The interesting part about these slides is that there is an upward notch at the end of the slide that can make you fly into the lagoon. This ride is great for adults and children alike.


Kayaking. via Instagram/treasurebaybintan.official

There are several great places to go kayaking in Bintan, one of them is on the Crystal Lagoon. Interestingly, kayaking in this lagoon is not exclusively an activity for one person. You can choose a two-seated kayak and paddle around, exploring the lagoon.

Relax on a floaty

Enjoying the lagoon. via Instagram/paramytha.ratih

If you feel you just want to chill, enjoy the place without doing much, you probably just get a floaty. You can float around, enjoying the place on a floaty that comes with many shapes. You can pick a unicorn, donut, duck, and many more.

The lagoon. via Instagram/aaron.visuals

Apart from so many interesting rides, Treasure Bay also provide world-class accommodation. There are many choices of lodgings and restaurants in this resort. There are also many special events held here, so make sure you keep an eye on them to have a wonderful holiday at Bintan. Next

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