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Best Destinations in Luwuk Banggai, Central Sulawesi

Luwuk is a small yet interesting place. Exploring the best destinations in Luwuk would be an interesting choice when you visit Central Sulawesi.

Luwuk is the capital city of Banggai Regency in Central Sulawesi. This city is a wonderful coastal town with remarkable views however you look at it. As with many small cities in Sulawesi, you can find many beautiful spots nearby. There are indeed lots of great tourist destinations in Luwuk Banggai.

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Balantak Dua Island. via Instagram/gypsyandthepostcard

The area around Luwuk really has everything. For example, there are panoramic hills, an exotic island, a refreshing waterfall, and beautiful beach. You can find them all here. Check these wonderful destinations in Luwuk Banggai, Central Sulawesi.

Piala Waterfall

The multi-tiered waterfall. via Instagram/willy_photograph

This is a really pristine waterfall, you will barely find any improvement nearby. However, that’s actually part of the charm here. Piala is a multi-tiered waterfall. Even though the stream is not too strong or big, it creates an incredible view of several low waterfalls with beautiful ponds. The main pond is four meters deep! So if you are not a swimmer, it’s really not a good idea to jump there.

Kilo Lima Beach

Sunset at Kilo Lima Beach. via Instagram/shannonswitzerswanson

The beach is a classic. For instance, it has white sandy stretch, turquoise water, relatively calm, beautiful sea panorama, and hills at the background. It is also located near the main road, so access will be really easy. In addition, you can pretty much do whatever you want to have fun here. Swimming, snorkeling, or just enjoying the panorama. This beach also has an unbelievably beautiful sunset.

Teletubbies Hill

The panoramic landscape. via instagram/andrikilua

Yeah, this is a panoramic landscape. Actually, this is not strictly a hill. Instead, the place is a somewhat bulbous and billowy land dominated by green grass. It is very beautiful and people are reminded of the hills in the Teletubbies TV series. The place is a naturally photogenic spot. That is why this place is so popular among photographers, including drone photographers.

Dua Balantak Island

The island with the beach and the ridge. via Instagram/chandrazdhb

Many people call this the Padar of Banggai. Even though the two islands cannot be compared, Dua Balantak does have a wonderful view. You can come to this island and then walk on its ridge. From this vantage point, you can see the beautiful sea as well as the panorama of the nearby island.

Kasih Sayang Hill

Luwuk from Kasih Sayang Hill. via Instagram/lisabeecks

This spot is located right on top of Luwuk City. There are several platforms where you can take your picture. Additionally, the background would be the city itself, along with the sea nearby. This hill is not only popular during the day. Those who wish to enjoy the night panorama of the city light can also come up here.

The Piala Waterfall. via Instagram/ashjo45

Luwuk is a small yet interesting place. Nestles on the eastern part of Central Sulawesi, this city hides lots of wonderful natural phenomena. Exploring the best destinations in Luwuk would be an interesting choice when you visit Central Sulawesi. Next

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