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The Tastiest Meaty Dishes from Banten

Banten is rich in culinary heritage. You can find many tasty dishes from Banten, most of them are meat based and really delicious.

Banten, the westernmost province of Indonesia is an interesting place in term of tourism. You can find many wonderful destinations, especially in the coastal area of the province. However, the culinary wealth of this province is remarkable. There are several tasty dishes from Banten that you can try.

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Delicious nasi bakar sumsum. via Instagram/lekkercreations

Traditional foods from Banten commonly has a strong use of spices and heavy taste. They are very generous with the meat and its derivative. As a result, the dishes from Banten are usually really tasty. However, you have to watch the cholesterol level yourself. They are an all guilty pleasure.

Sate Bandeng

The delectable fish. via Instagram/newlife5624

This is not your usual satay dish. Sate Bandeng is made by mincing fish meat and bone together. The skin of the fish is left intact for later use. The minced meat is mixed with special spices and then stuffed into the fish skin. That creates an illusion that the fish is still intact. The whole thing then skewered and grilled or fried, creating a really tasty fish cake. It is almost similar to otak-otak from Gresik.

Angeun Lada

Meaty and oily angeun lada. via Instagram/misshotrodqueen

Literally, mean spicy vegetables, angeun lada doesn’t have any vegetables at all. It instead has buffalo meat. Well, at least originally. Now people also make angeun lada with lamb or beef. However, the key component in this dish is walang leaves which give the dish a very unique taste. This dish tastes a bit spicy with a strong delicious aroma.

Nasi Bakar Sumsum

Nasi bakar sumsum. via Instagram/deena_hp

As the name implies, this is a specially roasted rice. Nasi bakar sumsum means roasted rice with bone marrow. Even though the name sounds a bit random, but the taste is really delightful. The dish is made by wrapping rice with bone marrow and special spices in a banana leaf. It is then roasted, creating rice with really rich taste.

Sate Bebek

The tasty sate bebek Cibeber. via Instagram/gebonk

Satay is one of the most ‘universal’ dishes in Indonesia. Almost all regions in this country have their own specialty satay. In Banten, the most popular one is sate bebek. As the name implies, it is a duck satay. The most popular sate bebek in Banten is in Cibeber. Even though the sauce is similar to most satays, but the meat in sate bebek is marinated with spices before being grilled.

Sate Bandeng. via Instagram/bandengsuz

Banten is a great place to visit if you want beautiful beaches or exotic animals. However, this province is also rich in culinary heritage. You can find many tasty dishes from Banten, most of them are meat-based. Next

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