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Exploring Tulamben, One of Bali’s Best Underwater

Here are the beautiful diving spots you can find Tulamben.

Diving in Tulamben. via Instagram/spencechris2000

Bali has a perfect score in term of natural beauty. You can find almost every aspect of tropical beauty in this resort island. From the top of a volcano to vibrant marine life, Bali has them all. There are simply so many beautiful spots you can choose on this island.

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Diving the wreck. via Instagram/kris_it

Out of everything, Bali’s underwater attractions are less popular than its wonderful land-based tourist destinations. However, you can still find several popular diving destinations in Bali, each has its own charm. Tulamben, for example, is known for its many diving spots. Here are the beautiful diving spots you can find Tulamben.


Preparing for a dive. via Instagram/desymada

Before getting into the diving spots, you might need to know where the Tulamben Beach really is. This place is located in the eastern part of Bali. Administratively, this beach is part of Tulamben Village, Kubu District, Karangasem Regency.

It is about 80 kilometers away from Denpasar and you will need two and a half hours’ drive to reach it. Your route will be mainly great with sea view, although you will also go through a cool mountainous area.

USS Liberty Shipwreck

The wreck. via Instagram/yansu_diving

This is probably the most popular diving spot in Bali. USS Liberty is a 120 meters long shipwreck, sitting on the seabed, 50 meters away from the shore. With a depth of 10 to 30 meters, this is one of the easiest wrecks to dive in the world. The wreck is covered with coral and has a vibrant underwater life around it.

Coral Garden

Coral garden. via Instagram/gabygenoveva

Coral Garden Tulamben is located next to USS Liberty Shipwreck. This is an ideal spot if you are looking for relaxed diving. You might encounter Ribbon Eels, Nudebranches, and several species of shrimps. If you are lucky, you might also meet two giant sweetlips.

Drop Off

Dropoff. via Instagram/mhmdzaki

This is the end of Tulamben dive area. The seabed drops approximately 70 meters down and creates a magnificent wall full of life. You can just explore the wall to enjoy the best reef that catches your attention. You will probably see octopus, stonefish, frogfish, black tipped shark, barracuda, and lionfish here.


Colorful reef. via Instagram/amdiiii

This spot is just five minutes boat ride away from Drop Off. Alamanda is a slope covered with the reef. This is a perfect place for macro photography. There are occasionally sharks, bumphead parrotfish, and Napoleon wrasse found wandering in this area.


Great macro. via Instagram/soulscubasea

This spot is popular as a muck diving destination. Seraya is mostly characterized by black sand, small patches of corals, and many small critters.

These colorful critters create a great contrast with the black sand background. You can find many animals like Leptocaephalus, Boxer Shrimp, Harlequin Shrimp, Ambon Scorpion Fish, Mimic Octopus, stargazers, Dragonet, and many more.

Surrounded by fish. via Instagram/spencechris2000

There are actually several other diving spots near Tulamben, you can explore it if you have lots of time. Tulamben is a great visit to place because there are many dive resorts you can find in this area. Tulamben is really a great place to visit if you are a diver. Next


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