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Festival Brantas Batu 2019, for Earth and Human

Here is what you need to know about that Festival Brantas Batu 2019.

Batu is already an established tourism city, one of the most popular one in Indonesia. Today, Batu has already lots of great attractions such as the three Jawa Timur Parks, Predator Park, Museum Angkut, Songgoriti, and many more throughout the city.

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Music performance at the festival. via Instagram/sahabat_air

Batu never does rest on its laurel as this city always keeps improving and producing new innovations. Apart from establishing new attractions, they also have a rather busy tourism calendar with many festivals. The upcoming Festival Brantas Batu 2019 is one of them. Here is what you need to know about that festival.


It’s held on the end of April. via Instagram/lusiaantik

The festival is held on April 27th to 28th. This timing is somewhat consistent with the previous edition of this festival. In 2018, this festival was held on April 20th to 22nd. The time is chosen during the transition from rainy season to dry season. The climate is usually very good at this time.


It’s located on Sisir Village. via Instagram/sahabat_air

The main location is in Sisir Village, which is the center of Batu City. Access to Sisir is very easy and getting around it wouldn’t be a problem since there are many public transports, taxis, and online taxis that will get you anywhere in this city. The main location would be the Sisir Open Field and Sendratari (amphitheater).


tree and river. via Instagram/sahabat_air

Last year, Festival Brantas Batu brought the theme of environment and civilization. This year, the main theme is Earth and Human. That means that the festival wants to celebrate the spirit of the planet. The main message is to help preserve the earth for the betterment of not only the planet but also for the human and its culture. That is why there are many environmental issue and action brought to this festival


The cultural performance. via Instagram/sriwahyudi_

The festival is opened with Brantas Art and Culture exhibition where you can enjoy lots of cultural performance. There is also bazaar where you can buy local products. This is your best chance to get authentic products for cheap, supported by the local government.

Planting trees. via Instagram/rhomanzha

The next day, the representative of Karang Taruna (youth organization) from all of Batu, conservationists, and volunteers gather in a SMART (Siaga Mandiri Relawan Tangguh) activity. They will plant trees, releasing fish to the river, and camp together.

This festival is a youth movement. via Instagram/ngalamnawak

Festival Brantas is Batu people’s take on Earth Month of April. Instead of just trying their best to help the earth, they combine it with their cultural wealth. It becomes a unique festival that you need to check out, especially if you care about the environment. Next


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