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Jerowaru and Its Beautiful Beaches

Here are some of the most beautiful places you can find in Jerowaru.

Tangsi beach. via instagram/

Jerowaru is a district in East Lombok, located at the southeastern tip of the island. In term of tourism, there are not much exposure about this place at the corner of Lombok. However, that doesn’t mean that Jerowaru is devoid of a beautiful place, quite the contrary, actually.

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Tangsi Beach. via Instagram/perfect_places2go

Used to be plagued with poverty and water scarcity, Jerowaru slowly turns into tourism for additional revenue, and it starts to show a good results. Jerowaru is slowly catching up with other part of the island in term of tourism. They already have great natural assets to improve. Here are some of the most beautiful places you can find in Jerowaru.

Tanjung Bloam (Beloam)

Tanjung Bloam. via Instagram/kakisumpit

Tanjung Bloam is a coast dominated by dramatic cliffs that face directly to the sea. In some parts of this coast, you can also find several small white sandy beaches. The most iconic natural landmark in Tanjung Bloam is the bridge connecting the mainland with a small cone-shaped island. This place is highly instagenic and even become much more beautiful during sunsets.

Tangsi Beach

Tangsi Beach. via Instagram/halotraveler

Tangsi Beach, also known as the pink beach, is one of just two naturally pink beaches in Indonesia. This beach was crowned as the most beautiful beach in the world by Vogue Korea in 2017. The beach is secluded with pink sand, crystal clear water, and surrounded by green hills. The waters here are shallow and calm, ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Gili Sunut

Sand bridge to Gili Sunut. via Instagram/laluivansamudra

There is a small island called Gili Sunut in a part of Jerowaru, inhabited by local people. The most wonderful part about Gili Sunut is its ‘vanishing beach’. There is a strip of white sandy beach that connects the mainland with Gili Sunut.

This ‘bridge’ is submerged during the high tide and sometimes vanishes completely under shallow water. The coral reef nearby boast a rather rich marine biodiversity, ideal for snorkeling.

Tanjung Perak

Tanjung Perak Lombok. via Instagram/didukmiru

Not to be confused with the seaport in Surabaya which is also called Tanjung Perak, this one in Lombok is purely an untouched strip of beach. This beach is dominated by huge rocks with beautiful gradient colors. There is also a part of the beach with white sand and a refreshing wave. There is a meadow that practically touches the sea on this beach, making an even dramatic view.

Kaliantan and Cemara Beach

Cemara Beach Lombok. via Instagram/bil_gem

These two neighboring beaches are located at Seriwe Village, Jerowaru. They are both white sandy beaches with some cliffs and hills on sight. The access to both beaches is quite easy with good roads. Kaliantan has a more breathtaking view while Cemara is more suitable for snorkeling, swimming, and even diving.

Surga and Ekas Beach

Surfing at pristine Ekas Beach. via Instagram/bongkybonk

The other two neighboring beaches, these two are located at Sungkun Village. You can expect a nice combination of meadows, rolling hills, dramatic cliffs, white sand, mini islands, and calam and crystal clear waters. You will get them all in Surga and Ekas. In a way, the contour of these beaches are similar to those at Komodo National Park.

Tanjung Bloam. via Instagram/_aderizal

Despite all of the many limitations it faces, Jerowaru has many wonderful beaches in its shore. What’s even more impressive is that the beaches here vary heavily from place to place. For those who are looking for great beaches without the crowds it draws, Jerowaru is the answer. Next


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