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Best Places to Enjoy Nasi Jinggo in Bali

Nasi Jinggo is a humble dish, a memento from the difficult past. However, this dish also adjusts itself with time, making it a unique dish from Bali.

Nasi Jinggo (sometimes also pronounced nasi jenggo) is a simple dish from Bali. It consists of steamed rice and several complements and side dishes. You can find serundeng (fried coconut flakes), spicy fried tempeh, shredded chicken, eggs, and fried noodle. The rice usually is served in a small portion, only a fistful.

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Delicious dish. via Instagram/shintadcen2

The term Jinggo came from a Hokkien Language ‘jeng go’ which means a thousand and five hundred. The dish was indeed sold for IDR1.500 during the monetary crisis in Indonesia (around 1997-98). Today, the price has been adjusted. The dish is usually wrapped in banana leaves in a small package. The dish is similar to ‘nasi kucing’ you usually find in Java. Here are some of the best places to enjoy Nasi Jinggo in Bali.


The small serving of Jinggo. via Instagram/dewitrisna

Sukreni is located on the bypass road Ngurah Rai, Bali. This restaurant is indeed very famous near the airport area. It is also well decorated and the interior is much better than roadside stalls. Sukreni serves a lot of customers every day. Their main dish is indeed nasi jinggo but they also provide other Balinese traditional dishes.


The dish for a lot of people. via Instagram/meytariana

Unlike other nasi jinggo stalls, Thamrin uses yellow rice instead of white steamed rice. The side dishes choices are also much varied. For example, you can choose orek tempe, beef, chicken, fried noodles, and also the ever popular sambal. The fragrant aroma of the banana leaf wrap actually improves the appetite. There is a big chance that you might have to stand in line to buy foods here because they are that popular.


A dish full with side dishes. via Instagram/suriati_suriati

This stall is located in the Uluwatu area, Denpasar. It is always crowded with visitors. You can have nasi jinggo with common side dishes here. For Instance, you can enjoy it with orek tempe, serundeng, chicken, fried beans, beef jerky, and of course sambal. This stall is open around 07.00pm until 01.00am. Every night, this stall sells hundreds of packs of them.


With kerupuk. via Instagram/wr_vietkong

This stall is located in Badung, Bali. Wikowi becomes very famous because they sell nasi jinggo for only five thousand rupiahs per serving. However, side dishes are extra and you have to pay according to the side dishes you choose. Even though it is very cheap, Wikowi is still one of the most delicious nasi jinggo in Bali.

Bu Agus

Lovely dish. via Instagram/rhheenx

This is a common roadside stall that serves authentic traditional foods. You can enjoy nasi jingo here with a lot of side dishes options. The base price is very cheap, less than ten thousand rupiahs. The more you pick side dishes, the more you have to pay. This is one of the most popular ones in Bali because it is also halal.

Lovely looking dish. via Instagram/

Nasi Jinggo is a humble dish, a memento from the difficult past. However, this dish also continues to adjust itself with time, making it a really unique traditional dish from Bali. Next

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