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Best Non-Coastal Destinations in Sukabumi

Sukabumi is a wonderful place in West Java. There are many wonderful non-coastal destinations in Sukabumi that are also wonderful to see.

Sukabumi is a regency in the southwest of West Java. It has a diverse landscape, from highlands to the coastal area in the south. Sukabumi is rather popular for its beaches and sea view. However, there are also wonderful non-coastal destinations in this regency.

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Situ Gunung Bridge. via Instagram/pendakislaw

With only three to five hours’ drive from Jakarta, Sukabumi can be a good option for a getaway vacation. It is much less crowded than the popular Bogor or Bandung, promising a calmer experience. Here are some of the best non-coastal destinations in Sukabumi.

Panenjoan Cliff

Wonderful view. via Instagram/eira_aurelia

For the best experience, visit this cliff at dusk. The sunset here is truly breathtaking. Panenjoan means “a place to see” in the local language. This place lives up to its name because the panorama here is simply remarkable. This 250m above sea level cliff offers you a sweeping view of a wonderful landscape. You can cast your view to the green fields all the way to the Indian Ocean in the far horizon. There are several viewing platforms you can use on this cliff.

Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge

Situ Gunung. via Instagram/khairulleon

This unique suspension bridge lets you experience the sensation of walking on a forest canopy. Lush green forest and hills surround you wherever you cast your sight. Situ Gunung Bridge is  250 meters long and 150 meters high, making it the longest of its kind in Indonesia. This is a great place to reconnect with nature. After you’re done here, you can visit Sawer Waterfall nearby.

Karang Para Hills

The Karang para hill. via Instagram/rudy_antz

This hill is not your ordinary viewing hill. In Karang Para, you can find not only several viewing platforms but also spiky limestones. From above, this place looks like a natural stone park. This, of course, is a popular place to take a selfie.

The heart-shaped bamboo platform is one of the most Instagram-able spots in the Regency. However, due to its popularity, Karang Para can be a bit crowded during the holidays. You will have to take a turn to take pictures. The sunset view at this place is also wonderful.

Bacan Lake

A lovely lake. via Instagram/dputri__

This is not a natural lake. Bacan Lake is actually a mine excavation hole which is then filled with rainwater. However, watercolors ranging from greenish to turquoise. This is a rather small pond but it looks really good on photos. Apart from the lake, the rocks that surround it also great as a background for your pictures.


The traditional village of Ciptagelar. via Instagram/zul.ig

Turns out that Sukabumi also has an ancient traditional village. You will feel like you are traveling back to the past when you are here. Apart from electricity, daily life in this village is still the same as in ancient times. Even the houses are still the same as centuries ago. This village holds the Seren Taun ceremony in the first week of September. This tradition has been going on for 600 years!

Lovely view. via Instagram/nikhyuga

Sukabumi is a wonderful place in West Java. Most people only know this regency for its beautiful Pelabuhan Ratu. However, there are many wonderful non-coastal destinations in Sukabumi that are also wonderful to see. Next

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