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Rafting at Elo, a Great Adventure near Borobudur

The popularity of Borobudur somehow creates other tourist destinations around it, one of which is white water rafting on the Elo River.

White water rafting at Elo. via Instagram/

Visiting Borobudur Temple has become a mandatory item in the itinerary of those visiting Yogyakarta. Borobudur is indeed the largest Buddhist temple in the world with stunning architecture and scenery on the border of Yogyakarta and Central Java.

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Struggling at a stream. via Instagram/jarodyhestu

However, Borobudur is not the only tourist destination that you can find in the area. The popularity of Borobudur somehow creates other tourist destinations around it, one of which is white water rafting on the Elo River.

Elo River

A lovely Elo River. via Instagram/magdalenasekar

Elo River is a Progo tributary with a stream that has a class II   for rafting. It means that the 11 km long white water rafting on this river is ideal for beginners. Elo River is relatively narrow with stable water volume throughout the year, both in the dry season and the rainy season. There are a number of rapids that will present quite a challenge for beginners, but with the guides of experienced rafting instructor, you will be guided safely.

River Elo Rafting

Having fun on the river. via Instagram/rouz_ikhsan

White water rafting at Elo provides you with more than just the stream, as you would be presented with beautiful scenery. The river even has a few calm spots that are safe for swimming. On each side of this river, you will be able to see shady trees, green fields, lovely bridges, and also interesting and unique rocks formations.

Rafting on the Elo River is an ideal excursion for families, friends, and colleagues. The minimum age for enjoying rafting here is 8 years old.

Location and operators

Teamwork on the river. via Instagram/syafrizal_cahya

River Elo rafting is located in Blondo, Magelang, Central Java. You can reach the river in less than 15 minutes from Borobudur. There are several operators that provide rafting services in this river such as Citra Elo and Progo Rafting. Aside from Elo, they usually also offer the more challenging rafting at Progo River.

Price and Facilities

Fighting the current. via Instagram/pradhitya_dhika

Most operators charge IDR175,000 per person for rafting here. With that price, you will get a refreshing welcome drink, insurance, locker, and snack. Apart from the boat, you will also get safety gear like helmet, buoy vest, and paddle.

The transportation fees to the starting point of the rafting are also included in this price. At some operators, you will also receive a certificate after you finish your trip on the river.

Enjoying the rafting experience. via Instagram/fachri_we

You can easily set up a tour to enjoy Borobudur and rafting in Elo from Jogjakarta City. There are several packages you can choose, mostly is a day excursion with a visit to Borobudur and a rafting trip to Elo. Next


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