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The Most Refreshing Waterparks in Lombok

Here are some of the most refreshing waterparks on Lombok.

Waterparks in Lombok
Waterparks in Lombok

If you see Lombok from its climate, it is a very diverse island. The altitude difference makes the air temperature and also the water supply very different in many places in Lombok. The area around Mount Rinjani is relatively cool with an abundant amount of water.

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Rinjani Waterpark. via Instagram/waterparkrinjani

Most other areas in Lombok can be quite hot. That hot climate makes waterpark seems to be an attractive destination when you are visiting this island. Here are some of the most refreshing waterparks on Lombok.

Cafless Waterpark

Cafless waterpark. via Instagram/suherman_carmen

This place is very friendly to children and has quite complete facilities. You can try a swimming pool, an adult pool, children’s pool, blue hold, racer slides, water boom, and various other rides.

Cafless slides. via

This place also provides parking areas, prayer rooms, restaurants, toilets and gazebos for visitors to relax. The address of Cafless Waterpark is on Jalan Raya Gunungsari-Tanjung Km2, No. 1, Kekait, Gunung Sari, West Lombok Regency.

Rinjani Water Park

Rinjani Waterpark. via Instagram/waterparkrinjani

This place is quite spacious with a total area of 1.8 hectares. This water park can be a very enjoyable destination for families. Rinjani Waterpark is using eco-water concept, by utilizing water from Rakam Spring.

Rinjani Waterpark. via Instagram/waterparkrinjani

In addition to various exciting rides in the waterpark, you can also enjoy facilities such as a food court, life guards, and meeting rooms. Rinjani Water Park is located on Jl. Pejanggik, Majidi, Selong, East Lombok Regency.

Nirwana Water Park

Nirwana Waterpark. via Instagram/enn0997_

This park is located in the city of Mataram, so it is very easy to reach by public transportation. Nirwana Waterpark provides 5 different pools, various slides, flying fox, and Marine Bridge. This place is a very pleasant destination for the whole family, from children to adults.

Nirwana waterpark. via Instagram/lizaapriantiindrasuari

You can relax by sitting on a tube and letting the water flow you in a running pool. You can also feel the adrenaline rush by trying flying fox. Nirwana Water Park is located on Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Rembiga, Mataram District, Mataram City.

Kura-Kura Water Park

Kura-kura Waterpark. via Instagram/ lomboksumbawagreatsale

This park is also located in the middle of the city of Mataram, so access is also very easy. In the local language, Kura-Kura means turtle. And as the name implies, you will be able to find lots of turtle statues in this park.

Kura-kura Waterpark. via Instagram/denirahman31

You can swim in several columns provided or try a few slides here. Floating on a tube on a running pool is also quite pleasant. Kura-kura Waterpark is located on Jalan Sriwijaya No. 95 Mataram.

Studio Alam TV9 Waterpark

Studio Alam TV9 Waterpark. via Instagram/sat9_waterpark

Studio Alam TV9 is actually an integrated tourist destination, it has a waterpark, paintball arena, and outbound services. You can enjoy relaxing in themed pools while children have fun in various rides here.

Studio Alam TV9 Waterpark. via Instagram/sat9_waterpark

There are a number of slides, children’s special pools, and various other facilities that will make you comfortable having fun here with your family. The address of Studio Alam TV9 Waterpark is on Jl. Sandubaya No.99x, Gerimax Indah, Mataram, Kota Mataram.

Rinjani Waterpark. via Instagram/waterparkrinjani

The natural beauty of Lombok is so huge, it seems like it needs a never-ending journey to fully explore them. However, if you crave for instant freshness you might want to come to various waterparks on this island. Waterparks in Lombok are a pleasant family holiday destination, especially under its hot sun. Next

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