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Banana-based Delicacies from Makassar to Sweeten Your Day

Makassar has a lot of interesting food, including snacks. For instance, you can enjoy many banana-based delicacies from Makassar to sweeten your day.

Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi, is popular for its rich culinary delights. You can find many Makassar dishes that have been known and available in all regions of Indonesia. Their meat-based dishes are to die for. And yet, you also need to try the banana-based delicacies from Makassar. They are just as delightful.

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Oisang peppe. via Instagram/ngemil_lucu

Traditionally, people in Makassar has unique ways to process bananas into delicious snacks. Commonly, bananas are made into sweet snacks, but in Makassar you can find the spicy one too. Here are some of the banana-based delicacies from Makassar.


Barongko. via Instagram/yunita_puspa

The batter for making barongko is unique. It is what you get when you mash banana, sugar, coconut milk, egg, and flour together. While still in watery condition, it is wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed. This cake is really good when cold. Some people even froze them. Today, barongko comes with various flavors.

Es Pisang Ijo

Fresh banana snack. vai instagram/

This sweet delicacy is already popular nationwide and you can find it in almost all cities in Indonesia. The first step in making es pisang ijo is by peeling a banana. After that, replace the skin with green dough and then steam it. The soup is called bubur fla, made from flour, coconut milk, and syrup.

Pisang Peppe

The spicy pisang peppe. via Instagram/1bu_209

This one is rather unique. The main ingredient is bananas which are not yet ripe. They then deep fry the banana before then pounding them into a thin shape. It is then re-fried until it is dry and crunchy. Most people enjoy pisang peppe with sambal (chili paste). It is savory and spicy with a hint of sweet flavor.

Pallu butung

Pallu Butung. via Instagram/shirleyliem

Pallu butung is similar to pisang ijo. It is basically a steamed banana eaten with icy sweet drinks. Unlike pisang ijo, pallu butung doesn’t use the green batter for its skin. The soft texture of the banana is a perfect companion for the sweet and cold syrup.

Sanggara Belanda

Sweet Sanggara Belanda. via Instagram/

This is basically a fried banana. However, they only use pisang raja or pisang tanduk for this snack. the first step is frying the entire banana. After that, the middle part of the banana is sliced open and filled with peanut, caramel, butter, and sugar. The ingredients sauce are similar to the fillings.

Pisang Eppe

fancy pisang eppe. via Instagram/tantesayur

This is a very popular snack in Makassar. You can easily find the sellers in Losari Beach. It is made from unripe banana. It is grilled using the traditional method and using with palm sugar sauce as the main sweetener. However, you can also enjoy pisang eppe in many different flavors and topping these days.

Es Pisang Ijo. via Instagram/tantesayur

Makassar has a lot of interesting food, including snacks. For instance, you can enjoy many banana-based delicacies from Makassar to brighten your day. Next


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