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The Must-Visit Instagenic Spots in Bantimurung-Bulusaraung

Here are some of the best spots you need to visit at Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park.

Leang leang park. via Instagram/

Bantimurung Bulusaraung is a national park located in South Sulawesi. Mostly in Maros Regency, this park is some 50 kilometers away to the north of Makassar, the capital of the province and the biggest city in Eastern Indonesia.

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Helena Sky Bridge at Bantimurung. via Instagram/anoo_13

This park is the second largest karst area in the whole world. It has lots of beautiful spots, from the uniquely shaped karst rock formation to a large collection of butterfly species. Here are some of the best spots you need to visit at Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park.

Prehistoric Park in Leang-leang

leang-leang. vai Instagram/ardylastt

Leang-leang is a park with many rock formations. The rocks here are typically porous and pointy at the top. These rock formations are great for a photo, but the actual gem of Leang-leang is its caves.

The caves here are not as spectacular, but you can see the negative hand stencil of ancient people on its walls. The walls are not too big and the floor can be a bit slippery, but if you love genuine prehistoric remnants, you should not miss this spot.


Enjoying a nap in Pattunuang. via Instagram/abd_jabbar_

This spot is best for those who seek challenges. Rock climbing on a sheer karst cliff and exploring caves, some are vertical caves! If you want a more refreshing challenge, you can cruise a river with crystal clear water. You can also explore a nice trek in the nearby jungle. And if you love seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, you can find rare animals like tarsius, Soa-soa, and lots of bird species here.


Monkeys at Karaenta. via Instagram/andiammi

This spot is a natural laboratory where you can observe wild flora and fauna in their natural habitat. This place is home to the black monkeys (Macaca Maura). The feeding time is the best occasion for you to see this group of monkeys. The most popular flora here is the Makassar ebony, very expensive lumber.

Leang Pute

View from Leang Pute. via Instagram/stulkahoiii

This is a massive vertical cave. Leang Pute (sometimes also called Leang Puteh) has a diameter of 50-80 meters and drop into 273 meters down. This cave is for those who have an extreme sense of adventure (and proper skills, of course). Many have climb down this cave and enjoying a spectacular view and also creating magnificent pictures.


Enjoying the magnificent view. via Instagram/okhyarimn

Bulusaraung is a mountain with a height of 1353 meters. The area around this mountain is popular for its cultural wealth. You can also find many homestays in the village at the foot of this mountain. The trip, however, wouldn’t be complete without hiking to the top and enjoying the spectacular panorama from its vantage point.

Leang Lonrong

The refreshing bath and the cave. via Instagram/xxaswanxx

This is a natural bath from a river that flows in a cave. The bath itself is located in the front of the cave’s entrance. Many people enjoy this place to cool off during a hot day. You can also explore the cave that goes deep into a karst hill. It is believed that the cave is almost six kilometers long!

The Kingdom of Butterfly

There are many butterflies here. via Instagram/mizzberry89

British Biologist, naturalist, and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace dubbed Bantimurung as the Kingdom of Butterfly because of the many species of butterfly he found here. This area is a haven for butterflies and there is even a museum dedicated to displaying the rich diversity of butterflies here. You can also visit the butterfly conservation area here.

Bantimurung Waterfall. via Instagram/wur8

Bantimurung Bulusaraung is a very large national park. This karst area is so rich in biodiversity as well as beautiful spots. Just an hour’s drive away from Makassar, this park is a must-visit destination if you are visiting South Sulawesi. Next


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