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Candi Sari, an Ancient Castle-like Buddhist Monastery

Here are some brief facts about Candi Sari., an ancient Buddhist Monastery in Yogyakarta.

Candi Sari Jogja
Candi Sari Jogja

Candi Sari is a small ancient Buddhist temple located in Yogyakarta. This temple is visibly different compared to other Buddhist temple in the area like Candi Borobudur, Candi Plaosan, or Candi Kalasan. In a glance, Candi Sari looks more like a castle.

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The magnificent temple. via Instagram/sosialrental

Just like most ancient temples in the area, Candi Sari has wonderful details. You can see relief and carvings in nearly all part of the temple walls. It is believed that Candi Sari is much bigger than the current state because there are many parts of the temples are missing, including several Buddha statues. Here are some brief facts about candi Sari.


The temple inthe morning. via Instagram/mbokne_segara

Candi Sari is administratively located on Bendan, Tirtomartani Village, Kalasan District, Sleman Regency. This place is just twelve kilometers away from downtown Yogyakarta. This temple is very accessible as you can reach it by driving your own vehicle or via public transport. However, if you plan to come to Candi Sari by bus, you will have to walk approximately three kilometers.

Coming to the temple. via Instagram/jogjasosmed

Candi Sari opens daily, from 09.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. Entrance fee to this temple is very cheap. Agults only have to pay IDR2000 while children’s ticket is only IDR1500.


Niches and windows. via Instagram/ilyasharjalaksana

Candi Sari was built in the Eighth Century, during the reign of King Rakai Panangkaran of the Old Mataram Kingdom. It was built at the same era as Candi Kalasan. Indeed, the information about the construction of Candi Sari can be found in Prasasti Kalasan. The inscriptions stated that the king had to build sacred building and a monastery.

Cleaning the temple. via Instagram/bpcb_diy

Just like almost all temples in the surrounding area, Candi Sari was also abandoned and forgotten. The ruins of this temple was discovered in the early 1920s, and the colonial Dutch Government decided to reconstruct the temple. The renovation effort finished in 1930.

Architecture and Function

Wonderful details. via Instagram/ilyasharjalaksana

Candi Sari consists of several rooms connected with doors and windows. Historians believe that Candi Sari was originally a two or three story building, with each story, contain three chambers. This windowed chambers gives Candi Sari its castle look.

The temple. via Instagram/bpcb_diy

The building was built as a monastery, where the Buddhist monks study and live. The upper level is believed to be the meditation or praying chambers. Several small niches suggest that the inner part of this temple was once lighted with lamps during the night.


Carving and windows in the temple. via Instagram/wis4win

There are several interesting activities you can do here. For those who are intrigued by history, Candi Sari offers many interesting details that you cannot find anywhere else. However, the missing statues in this temple might frustrate you a little. This place also offers wonderful photo spots. Other than that, many communities use this temple as a place to gather during holidays.

Just like many Buddhist temples, it has stupas on its roof. via Instagram/wis4win

Candi Sari is a lovely castle-like temple, the only one of its kind in Yogyakarta. It may not as big as the other temples nearby, but Candi Sari is definitely unique in its own way, making it a very interesting place to visit. Next

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