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Gili Gede, the Biggest Island in a Small Exotic Archipelago

Gili Gede is the best exotic destination if you want a quiet escape.

Gili Gede. via Instagram/

Talking about beautiful exotic small islands in Lombok is interesting as the area has no shortage of such islands. Lombok is literally surrounded by wonderful small islands, and only a few of them are developed enough.

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Gili Gede. via Instagramsnorkling_guide

People will think about three Gilis (Trawangan, Meno, and Air) as they are the most popular and the most developed. However, Lombok has many other islands with beautiful natural panorama, both on the land and underwater. Gili Gede is one of them. This island in the southwest of Lombok Island is an exotic destination if you want a quiet escape.

The Location

Wonderful view during sunset. via Instagram/wackdrones

Gili Gede is located on the northern shore of Sekotong Peninsula in Southwest Lombok. It is located roughly 60 kilometers overland trip away from Mataram, the capital of the province. The road infrastructure is very good, you will find no problem driving a car or motorcycle to Sekotong.

the island has a long shorelines. via Instagram/wackdrones

As to the actual transportation to Gili Gede, you can only use boat there. You can charter boats from many places in Lombok and Bali. There are many operators in Mataram, Lembar, Sekotong, Gili Trawangan, and even Bali that offers chartered transportation to Gili Gede. The fee would be different, relative to the distance.

The Biggest Island Around

Lovely view. via Instagram/yogiprasetia

Gili Gede is the biggest in the archipelago on the northern shore of Sekotong Peninsula. You can find many smaller islands like Gili Asahan, Gili Layar, Gili Rengit, Gili Anyaran, and Gili Goleng. Even though it bear the title as the biggest there, Gili Gede is still a small exotic island. The longest part of Gili Gede is only four kilometers long.

Great SUnset. via Instagram/yogiprasetia

 However, being the biggest, Gili Gede has the most public facilities. Unlike in several other islands, Gili Gede has a school, mosques, and other public facilities. There are about a thousand people living in this island, most of them work as fishermen. They came to this island from Wira Selayar, Makassar to avoid conflicts hundreds of years ago.

Great Destination

Great Destination. via Instagram/thamarind_resort

Eventhough this island is inhabited, the tourism sector here can develop well in the last few years. That’s mainly because the residents here are welcoming the tourists with open hands. As for the main attractions, Gili Gede offers pristine marine tourism.  You can enjoy the white sand beach that you can find in almost every inch of the shore.

Refreshing waters. via Instagram/thamarind_resort

The waters here are crystal clear with excellent visibility. Can swim, snorkel or dive here to enjoy the beautiful underwater life. You will be able to find colorful reefs in many parts of the island. Since the island is relatively protected from a large ocean, the waves here are relatively small and calm, making it even more inviting to swim.

Many Resorts

Kokomo Resort in Gili Gede. via Instagram/ kokomogiligede

If you worry about proper accommodation, you can throw your caution away when visiting Gili Gede as you can find many resorts here. You can choose from a small resort to premium luxury one. There is a room for everyone in this island, from backpacker to those who demand only the best amenities.

Feeding Fish in Gili Gede. via Instagram/wiralombok_1990

Gili Gede is not a party island like Trawangan. This place is more suited to people who want to enjoy an exotic island, away from any hustle and bustle of other tourists. It is a perfect getaway if you are looking for calm and quiet holiday. Next


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