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Luweng Sampang Waterfall, a Wonderfully Unique Waterfall

Here are some facts you need to know about Luweng Sampang Waterfall.

Luweng Sampang. via Instagram/

Yogyakarta has so many wonderful natural spots that you don’t want to miss. Yogyakarta is mostly karst area which usually means arid and rather barren land. It was the problem of the past because today, karst area in Yogyakarta is providing lots of beautiful spots, from beaches to waterfalls.

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The waterfall and its stream. via Instagram/joeluluk

One of the most popular waterfalls in Yogyakarta is Luweng Sampang. This one is not necessarily the grandest waterfall ever, but it surely one of the most unique. Some people went so far as to say that this is like the Grand Canyon of Indonesia, that’s definitely too over the top. Anyway, here are some facts you need to know about Luweng Sampang Waterfall.


The waterfall and its little canyon. via Instagram/atika_muth

Administratively, Luweng Sampang is located at Jl. Juminahan, Mongkrong, Sampang Village, Gedang Sari District, Gunung Kidul Regency. It is roughly 23 kilometers away from Yogyakarta, and you can reach it in less than an hour. All infrastructure to get to this waterfall are already well in place, so you will have a rather enjoyable trip there.

The Name

There are many holes here. via Instagram/suryojdb

Luweng Sampang got its name in a rather peculiar fashion. Luweng in Javanese is a homonym, can mean a hole or a traditional fire pit or stove. Sampang is the name of the area. Locals believe that Luweng Sampang simply means ‘a hole in Sampang’. The rocks in the waterfall area are indeed holey. This becomes more apparent if you see it from above.

The waterfall

The waterfall is only 5 meters high. via Instagram/arif_josselalu

The actual waterfall of Luweng Sampang is only five meters high. Admittedly that is not impressive. However, what it lacks in height is compensated in uniqueness and beauty. The actual drop is happening deep inside a thin intricate canyon. There is no easy way to enjoy the actual waterfall without entering the canyon.

It’s a refreshing pond. via Instagram/anggira_della

It doesn’t stop there. The stream under the waterfall is naturally dammed, creating a lovely pond that is ideal to refresh your body. The color of the water is green or bluish in the dry season and becomes murky during the rainy season. So if you want to fully enjoy the waterfall, come here at the early dry season.


There is no facilities. via Instagram/joeluluk

Luweng Sampang Waterfall is not yet managed professionally. Locals usually only provide parking service. As a result, you can’t expect nice facilities here as the entrance fee is minimal, if any. It means that you have to bring your own drink or food when visiting this waterfall. Anyway, enjoying your food here does feel glorious.

Enjoying the water. via Instagram/anggira_della

Luweng Sampang is located on the northern part of Gunungkidul and Yogyakarta, very close to the border with Central java. This waterfall is by no mean the biggest or the grandest in Jogja, but it will be difficult to find one that is as unique as this. Next

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