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Malimbu Hill, a Beautiful Corner in North Lombok

Malimbu hill is a wonderful area offering beautiful panorama.

Malimbu Hill. via Instagram/harisslombok

Lombok has many beautiful hills that are always interesting to visit. From the hill by the sea to the hills on the slopes of Mount Rinjani with views of rice fields or peaceful pastures. All the hills hold their own beauty that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Malimbu Hill. via Instagram/barli8js

On the western coast of Lombok Island, there are lovely little corners, whose location is very easy to reach. Malimbu Hill is literally located on the side of the road so you can find this place very easily. This hilly area offers incredible views with a combination of various natural beauties.


There are a good road passing through the Malimbu Hill. via Instagram/garybhaztara

Malimbu Hill is situated on one edge of the Lombok ring road. This hill is located about 24 km to the north from the downtown Mataram, or about 10 km from the coast of Senggigi. Administratively, Malimbu Hill is included in the Malaka region, Pemenang, North Lombok Regency.

The road to this spot is already very good even though the terrain is meandering with many uphill and downhill routes. If you drive a car, you might need about 45 minutes from the city of Mataram to get to this hill.

Spectacular beauty

You can see the outline of Mount Agung. via Instagram/n.o.y.i.n

Malimbu Hill is famous for having a combination of extraordinary natural beauties. From this place, you can see the vast panorama of the sea, Giri Trawangan and Gili Meno in the distance, Mount Agung in the distance, and white sand beaches and charming green hills nearby. In general, the Malimbu hill can be divided into two parts; which is on the east side of the road and on the west side of the road.

There are lots of wonderful spots in this hill. via Instagram/gifford_adjie

On the west side of the road, you will find a quite long rest area. This rest area is located on a cliff with an iron fence. You will have incredible views of this place. On the east side of the road is an empty high terrain with a height of 6 meters from the highway. You will be able to find a gazebo at the top of this place. The scenery you see will be spectacular too.

A gathering place

A rider community. via Instagram/rikkyeriawan04

Malimbu Hill is often used as a gathering place for various communities in Lombok. The community that most often have a gathering here are the cyclists. The route to reach this place is indeed quite challenging and interesting to explore by riding a bicycle. The community of motorbike riders also often hold events in this place.

The best time to visit

There is a seaside road in Malimbu. via Instagram/fabiankiby

You should come to Malimbu Hill before sunset. The main attraction of this place is indeed its natural scenery combined with the spectacular sunset. If you arrive too early, you can still find several things to do. There are many food, snack, souvenir and clothing stalls in this place. Most of the sellers usually open their stalls at 4:00 a.m.

The great hills. via Instagram/fabiankiby

Malimbu Hill can be the most appropriate place to end your day on Lombok Island. After adventuring in North or West Lombok, enjoying the beauty of the sunset at Malimbu will be an unforgettable experience. Next

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