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The Most Unique and Instagramable Hotels in Yogyakarta

Here are some of the best boutique hotels in Yogyakarta with rates under IDR500,000.

Rumah Paris. via Instagram/

Yogyakarta is a city whose soul feels alive and visiting this city once is never enough. Once you travel to this city, you will always want to come again and again. There is just so many beautiful areas in this city that exploring it once is just doesn’t cut it.

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Rumah Paris. via Instagram/
Rumah Paris. via Instagram/elsaputrirusdi

The main beauty of Yogyakarta is obviously its culture, Jogja is known to be one of the centers of Javanese culture. But the city also has many unique instagramable hotels or known as Boutique Hotels. Here are some of the best boutique hotels in Yogyakarta with rates under IDR500,000.

Green Hotel; Prawirotaman

Gallery Prawirotaman Yogyakarta. via Instagram/
Gallery Prawirotaman Yogyakarta. via Instagram/kbebeng

The hotel has been designed from the beginning to be environmentally friendly and featuring fresh natural green colors that come from living plants. You are surrounded by many living plants here from rooftop to the garden below. Because the theme is environmentally friendly, the hotel also has very good natural lighting.

Staying at this hotel will be very refreshing because you can feel the natural fresh air produced by the greenery. Rates at Prawirotaman start at IDR475,000.

Parisian Dollhouse at Rumah Paris Bed and Breakfast.

Rumah Paris. via Instagram/
Rumah Paris. via Instagram/rumahparis

This super unique hotel just opened in 2014 and was an instant hit. The main reason is that the rooms here are very instagramable. Many visitors are also curious about the colorful interior of this hotel that seemingly able to bring them back to Old Paris. This hotel is also popular because it is located not far from Parangtritis beach. Rates y at this hotel start at IDR400,000.

Traditional Local Nuances at Adhisthana Hotel

Adhisthana Hotel. via Instagram/
Adhisthana Hotel. via Instagram/anitahertoto

Located in the center of Yogyakarta, the Adhisthana hotel has a striking facade compared to other buildings nearby. You can never miss this hotel. The front facade is filled with a series of old windows arranged in such a way as to form a unique tall wall. The interior of the hotel is also unique and relies on a lot of old windows on the walls as well.

The combination of urban culture with a traditional touch is heavily felt in this hotel, especially in its rooms that still have a lot of traditional furniture. Rates this hotel start at IDR.400,000.

Royal Stay at the Grand Palace Hotel Yogyakarta

Grand Palace Hotel Yogyakarta. via Instagram/
Grand Palace Hotel Yogyakarta. via Instagram/thegrandpalacejogja

As the name implies, this hotel was built to resemble a Roman Emperor’s palace. In addition to the majestic building, the hotel is also equipped with many typical Mediterranean statues that will take you back to the days of the Roman Empire. This 3-star hotel also has a swimming pool to splash around.

Apart from the magnificent exterior, the hotel interior is also very pleasant and staying here can’t be more comfortable. Rates for an overnight stay at Grand Palace Hotel Yogyakarta start at IDR 340000.

Minimalist but Exciting; Lokal Hotels.

Lokal Hotel Yogyakarta. via Instagram/
Lokal Hotel Yogyakarta. via Instagram/ishak_ferdi

Lokal hotels have a minimalist but colorful interior. The hotel architecture looks simple but the color and pattern play makes Lokal Hotel very unique and Instagramable. The combination of patterns and colors that make every corner of the hotel a great place to take photos.

From bed linen, cute pictures on the walls, patterns on the floor, to the swimming pool, there isn’t a single place that is not Instagramable. Rates at a Lokal Hotel starting at IDR460,000

For youngsters; Ibis Style Yogyakarta

Ibis Styles Hotel Yogyakarta. via Instagram/
Ibis Styles Hotel Yogyakarta. via Instagram/ibisstylesyogyakarta

Ibis Style Yogyakarta Hotel is located on the legendary Malioboro Street. This means that this hotel is right in the actual center of the city, with easy access to all Yogyakarta tourist destinations. The hotel itself is known as a hotel for youngsters with a simple but charming interior, with a mix of red and white.

One of the best facilities in this Ibis Style Yogyakarta is the rooftop swimming pool that let you swimming while enjoying the cityscape of Jogja. Rates at ibis Style Yogyakarta start at IDR475,000.

Adhisthana Hotel. via Instagram/
Adhisthana Hotel. via Instagram/rihanathalib

When you visit Jogja, you will have many hotel choices. One of the best choices is to stay in a beautiful and Instagramable boutique hotel. Next

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