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Mentigi Bay Dome Villas, Photogenic Accommodation Overlooking the Gilis

Here are some facts about the Mentigi Bay Dome Villas.

The tourism infrastructure in Lombok might not be as advanced as its neighbor, Bali, but it sure has lots of unique accommodations. Lombok is home to several unusually shaped but wonderful places like Villa Sapi, Hotel Tugu, and of course Mentigi Bay Dome Villas.

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Domes on the hill. via Instagram/mentigibay

The Dome Villas is especially special because of its unique shapes and prime locations. Sitting near the top of the hill overlooking Mentigi Bay, this place is a heaven for photographers, professional and amateurs alike. If you are active on Instagram, this place is definitely for you. Here are some facts about the Mentigi Bay Dome Villas.


The villa overlooking a bay. via Instagram/mentigibay

You might as well have already guessed it by now, this villa is located near Mentigi Bay which is located on the northwestern corner of Lombok. Since the whole villa is built on a hill, you can have a great view of Bali Strait. You can see the three Gili (Meno, Air, and Trawangan), Mount Agung, and northern Lombok shoreline from the hill.

The gilis are visible. via Instagram/mentigibay

If you come from Mataram, you can reach this place in about an hour by driving a car. From the Gilis, you have to ride a boat to Bangsal and then drive a car via Pamenang to the hill. All access to this villa is already good even though the hike up the hill can be a bit challenging.

Unique Villa Choices

Unique villas. via Instagram/

The main distinguishable trait of this villa is, of course, its shape. The buildings here are all dome-shaped, creating a highly unusual view. The shape of the buildings also makes this place very photogenic and literally every part of the place is a great photo spot.

Interesting shapes. via Instagram/mentigibay

The rate of this villa is also rather affordable. A room for two with a queen bed starts from IDR900,000 per night. A villa that can accommodate 6 people is IDR5,843,000 per night while villa for eight people is IDR6,704,000 per night.


The room at the villa. via Instagram/kokolkaty

All rooms in this villa are equipped with a good bed and shower. You will also have free breakfast and free wifi during your stay here. Too bad there is no air conditioner considering the area can be quite hot during the day.

Exploration Services

The villas are overlooking the bay. via Instagram/zanzibalibok

Dove Villas don’t only provide a great place to stay, but also many other tourism services. The villa can arrange swimming, snorkeling, waterskiing, horse riding, and hill trekking activities for you. If you want to learn how to dive, you can even ask for PADI certified diving course. The villa office also provides services for those who want to explore Flores, Moyo, and Komodo Islands on a ship via liveaboard.

Unique villas. via Instagram/zanzibalibok

Mentigi Bay Villa is a great place to enjoy the famous north shore of Lombok. These uniquely shaped villas are magnets for those who seek great pictures and those who want a comfortable stay during their visit to the island. Next


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