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Villa Sapi, a Masterpiece in North Lombok

Villa Sapi is exceptional, and here are the reasons why.

Villa Sapi Lombok. via Instagram

This villa is popular because of its unique design, unusual architecture, and its natural beauty. This resort is a perfect getaway for those who run to escape from the busy work in big cities.

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Villa Sapi Lombok. via Instagram/theluxenomad

Even though Villa Sapi is relatively easy to reach, and is accessible with any mode of transportation, there is some feeling of detachment when you are in this villa. You feel as if you are in another word while you stay here. Villa Sapi is exceptional, and here are the reasons why.

Secluded, near Sira Beach

Villa Sapi Lombok. via Instagram/

Villa Sapi is located at one of the nudges you can find at the northwestern part of Lombok. You can easily reach this place via roads that connect the northern part of Lombok. Sira Beach just a few minutes away from this Resort. You can even enjoy the word send page with an open ocean right in front of this villa.

Just in case you’re coming here with an infant, you can ask for special services, and the management will call a babysitter for you. Same goes if you want a spa therapist or a driver. A boat and a car are also available for rent.

Unusual architecture

Villa Sapi Lombok. via Instagram/

The unusual forms you see in this villa are the brainchild Canadian architect; David Lombardi. He believes that function should be over form, does he create buildings and interiors it might look futuristic to some.

However Lombardi actually just use whichever function best in for this villa. You can see a trace of traditional, modern, western, are Asian culture in this Resort. Maybe it is best to say that the style being used here is eclectic rather than futuristic. That’s still up for debate, though.

Only Have Five Rooms

Villa Sapi Lombok. via Instagram/elitehavens

This villa only has 5 rooms, capable to accommodate 10 people only. The service you get in this place is extra opportunity exclusive. If you need to go to a place where everything is so secluded and guaranteed privacy, Villa Sapi is the place for you.

On duty staff of chefs, housekeepers, gardeners, laundry helpers, and security personnel will provide the best service for you. All staffs that work here was previously employed by the Oberoi Hotel so you can expect the best, world-class service.

Perfect Staycation

Villa Sapi Lombok. via Instagram/puri_asia

Staying in this villa is definitely a lovely experience as the service and nuances are so serene and lovely. You will not find a shortage of a good activity within its premises. There are four swimming pool which two of them are located just by the beach.

Even if you are not in a mood to splash around, you can still enjoy the wonderful scenery on the pool beds that are protected from the sun by a large umbrella. You can also play tennis in the court located near the main villa.

Great as a Base

Villa Sappi Lombok. via Instagram/theluxenomad

Villa Sapi is also an ideal place as a base for your Lombok’s exploration. You can plan a day’s itinerary to explore Northern Lombok from Villa Sapi. The nearest destination is the Gili Islands, which which is just a short boat ride away from the resort. Here you can swim, snorkel, or dive to enjoy the colorful coral reefs.

You can also climb and explore Mount Rinjani and the surrounding waterfalls, including Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gila. The picturesque Senaru Village is also a good choice to explore from this resort.

Villa Sapi Lombok. via Instagram/designfinderescapes

At a rate of a thousand dollar a night, Villa Sapi  is definitely not the cheapest accommodation you can get in North Lombok.  However, the exclusivity and the privacy you get here is second to none. The service you get here is world class, with experienced staff, and the best accommodation all around Next

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