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Things You Can and Can’t Take from Your Hotel Room

Taking an item from a hotel room can be illegal. If you are interested in certain items of the hotel, you need to consult with the front office.

Just like all of the businesses, the hospitality industry also has its problems with the customers. Generally, hotels will try their best to make you feel at home. They will give the best possible amenities to make your stay comfortable and memorable. However, hotels also have troubles with guests who take more than they should from a hotel room.

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You can take some items from a hotel room. via Instagram/themuliabali

There are so many cases of guests causing trouble for taking a lot of things when they check out of a hotel. There are some things that you can bring home from your hotel room, but some items are not to be removed from the hotel room. Here are some of the things you might need to know about taking mementos from hotel rooms you stay in.

The Bali case

A tourist group steal lots of thing in Bali. via Instagram/humaspolseksukawati

The question of whether you can or cannot take certain items from your hotel arise after the latest case in Bali. A group of tourists from India caught red-handed taking several items from their rooms. Initially denied all accusation, those tourists finally ran out of excuses when the security officer found a lot of hotel-owned items in their bags. They even found vase! This case is already in the hand of local police now.

Things you can take

Soap and shampoo are commonly free. via Instagram/sheratonseoulpalace

There are indeed many items you can take from your hotel. Free toiletries and complimentary food and beverages are good to go. Meaning you can take those shampoos and soap in miniature bottles. If the hotel provides you with a welcome drink or cakes, you are also free to take them.

In most high-end hotels, you will be provided with a toothbrush or even event tickets. These are also free to take. Slippers in hotels are supposed to be worn only once, so it’s good to go. Stationery is commonly free, too.

Things you can’t take

Robes are not to be taken. via Instagram/stregisbali

Now, this is the important part. Hotels generally will not let you take the electronic items in your room. Many guests also love bringing bigger souvenirs from their hotel room. Robe, sheets, towel, linen, bedcover, and pillow are certainly not okay to take.

Also, food and beverages on the mini-bar are not free. You might enjoy them, but you have to pay for them, usually for an extortionate price. Cutleries, ceramic mugs, and glasses are usually not free but you can buy them.

Consequences of stealing from a hotel

You might face a criminal charge for stealing from a hotel. via Instagram/themuliabali

Their consequences of stealing from a hotel are rather severe. The lowest punishment you might take is the hotel force you to return the items, if possible at all. If the hotel realizes that their items are missing after the guests left, they might charge you via your credit card. The worst-case scenario is that you have to deal with law enforcement because taking items is theft, and theft is a crime.

Enjoy your stay and don’t break any hotel rule. via Instagram/thechediclubtanahgajah

If you are interested in certain items of the hotel but unsure whether you can take it, you need to consult with the front office. Often time, you can buy the items in the hotel’s souvenir shop. There are indeed several items you can take from a hotel room, but if you fill your suitcase with things that are not supposed to be taken, you will end up in trouble. Next


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